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Volume 02 - Issue 4
March 2, 2009

Partmate Version 5.0 Released
New features make inventorying even easier

With the recent Partmate Version 5.0 release, recyclers will be glad to know that Partmate is even faster and easier to use! We've listened to you and have responded to your feedback by adding many new features to improve your inventorying experience and give you the options you want!

Here's what's new in Partmate Version 5:
  • No need to close and reopen program to export - In Version 5, you no longer have close and reopen Partmate to regain a lost connection to your inventory management system. When you regain the connection, you will be able to export your vehicles, parts, and Price Book changes without closing the program.
  • Automatic import of your recycler data - You can now import your data straight from your inventory management system. You don’'t need to navigate to your cpbt file or answer the same questions every time you import the data. After the initial setup, you can even schedule the import to run automatically on any day and at any time. You can set Partmate to automatically import your data overnight, so the next morning your data is updated and current.
  • Longer user description - For each part you inventory, you can now add a 128-character user description. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a new “Part Note” field where you can add an additional 255 characters to each part, which will appear in the “Notes” section of Checkmate.
  • Longer stock number and location - Partmate Version 5 supports 10-character stock numbers and locations. In the past, each was limited to 6 characters. Now you can enter the 10-character stock numbers and locations, and Checkmate will support the extended number of characters.
  • Category field sent to Checkmate- While Partmate has always had a Category field where you can indicate whether a part is in the warehouse, yard, or in the yard unbolted, Version 5 sends this category information to Checkmate. When you look up a part in Checkmate, you will see this information on the “Find & Sell” screen. This is very useful for your salespeople because they can now view the status of a part.
  • Kind field - You can now specify the kind of part you are inventorying by choosing an entry from the Kind drop-down menu. This designation will show up in the Kind field in Checkmate. The kinds of parts are Used-OEM, Surplus, New-OEM, 0 Miles-OEM, New Take Off, Remanufactured, Rebuilt, Aftermarket, Used Aftermarket, Incomplete, and Core.
  • Display parts by category - As your current Checkmate inventory becomes populated with the new Category field, you will find it very useful to display this information on your Partmate Parts tab. With Version 5, you can now display your current quantity on hand by category as well as by grade.
  • Quantity on hand for non-interchange parts - For both Bidmate and Partmate, you can now see the quantity you have on hand for your non-interchange parts. The quantity displayed is based on the same proven alternate part tables that display your alternate parts in Checkmate. For example, for a '99 Accord front seat, the QOH you see displayed in Bidmate and Partmate would be for the year range of 1999-2002.
  • Trading Partners search for non-interchange parts - In Bidmate and Partmate, you can now launch a Trading Partners search for non-interchange parts.
  • Wheel and wheel cover image search - In Version 5, you can perform a wheel image search from both Bidmate and Partmate, provided that you are a subscriber to this service. Simply click the black CP button from within Partmate to launch the image search.
  • Full part name displayed - There is now a new button on the "Parts" tab that you can use to display the full part name, in case you're not sure what the part code means. You can leave this small window open to display the full name of the part you are inventorying.
  • Export or inventory only - When inventorying a part, you can now choose whether to send that part to your inventory management system, or to have it only displayed in the Dismantling Instructions Report.
  • Choose which price tab to display - Many of you asked to have the PriceBook tab displayed by default instead of the PartPrice tab. You can now choose which price tab will be your default display.
  • Date last priced - In Version 5, you can see the last time a price was updated. This new Priced field displays in the PriceBook tab in both Bidmate and Partmate.
  • Date Code field - If you use the cents of a part's price as a date code for the last time a price was updated, we have added a Date Code text box. When you put a value in the Date Code text box, it will automatically put this value in the cents field every time you add or update an existing price. When a new month rolls around, Bidmate and Partmate automatically update the value to reflect the new month.
  • ARA damage codes - You can now enter damage codes with a decimal place value instead of just a whole number. The decimals can be in increments of .25.
  • Numeric part codes - You can now have the choice of displaying either the Checkmate letter part codes or numeric part codes. For example, you can choose whether to display an engine as "ENG" or "300."
  • Export settings to another computer - Once you have configured your Bidmate and Partmate settings how you like, you can transfer all of your settings from one Bidmate/Partmate computer to another, so they are the same. This is a big time saver if you have customized your parts lists or set up auctions.
  • Automatic database compression - In Version 5, whenever you delete a vehicle from Partmate or an auction from Bidmate, the databases will be automatically compressed. This ensures that you are always running at the fastest possible speed.
To learn more about Partmate, or if you are interested in upgrading to Version 5, please contact your sales rep.

Did You Know?

EngineQuest®, one of the newest participating aftermarket vendors to display their inventory in Trading Partners™, has introduced a new timing cover that is a perfect OE replacement fit for 1969 to 1979 Pontiac 350/400/455 cu. inch V8 engines, including the popular Firebird model. EQ's cast aluminum timing cover (#TC400N) comes complete with a water pump divider plate and includes two coolant inserts. Both the water pump divider plate and the coolant inserts can be purchased separately. The newly-manufactured timing cover is designed for OE fit, form, and function, and bolts onto all Pontiac engines of this vintage, except the 4.9L 301 CID engine.


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