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Volume 02 - Issue 14
September 30, 2009

New Features of Checkmate Build 65

The latest Checkmate® release, Build 65, is packed with new features. Be sure to take a few minutes to read the release notes to get an idea of the power and flexibility of your new Checkmate software.

Did you share the new release information with your staff? Be sure to share this information with your other Checkmate users. Your sales or inventory staff may find some new features in Build 65 that satisfy a need of theirs.

Here are just some of the features that we feel you will find most valuable:

Easier access to detailed information from the Find and Sell screen - In Build 65, you can now view the part's VIN, cost of the vehicle, and sales of the vehicle from the part detail screen. You can decide whether to display vehicle cost and sales information to your sales personnel.

Inventory notes - You can now enter inventory part notes for your parts. These notes are internal and private.

Two description fields - The Description field in parts inventory is now two separate fields. The first one is the user description field, and has been expanded to 128 characters. You now have the room to describe your part so that when it is viewed on the web, people can accurately tell the condition of the part. This space can also be employed by ICM users who use Alphacom to insert a hyperlink to view part or vehicle photos. The second field is the interchange description.

Purchase Order prompt - You can now have the system ask you to create a PO when you sell an extra sale part.

Delayed posting of COD invoices - If you automatically post your invoices, you can now set CODs to "delay post." By doing this, COD invoices will not post when they are printed. Therefore, you can sell a part on COD and deliver the part; if the customer refuses the part, you can bring the invoice up and delete it. Once the customer pays for the part, re-finalize the invoice as a total payment and it will post normally when printed.

Undamaged Part Prices - Many insurance companies prefer to enter a price for an undamaged part in their estimates. If you use actual pricing, where the damage repair allowance is already calculated into the price, you make using your parts a more complex process for the insurer. To encourage insurers to specify more of your parts, and to make daily life a little easier for everyone, Checkmate has added a field that allows you to specify "Undamaged Prices" for collision parts.

Defaults for New Customer Entry - Default entries are now available for new customer records. You can set defaults for Balance Method, Statement Group Code, Collect/Prepay, Minimum Grade, Terms Code, Finance Charge, and Discount. This will help you to set up new accounts more quickly and will be the defaults Checkmate uses when you create a customer.

Customer Category - Build 65 has a Customer Class field in the customer record. You can define this field to indicate the types of customers you deal with. For example, you could have classes for insurance companies, body shops, garages etc.

Customer Hyperlinks - If you enter an email address, web address, or Car-Part Messaging ID in the customer record and you are using AlphaCom, that information will appear pink. By clicking on that pink link with your mouse, you will immediately be taken to your email system, web browser or CPM screen, depending on the link you entered.

Learn more about Checkmate by clicking here to go to our products website.


Did You Know?

If you are a Checkmate customer, you can enter an ! (exclamation point) at the Go to prompt on your Find and Sell screen to open a powerful search tool. This tool enables you to search inventory, sales, customer activity, or vehicles in a variety of ways including VIN, date range, license information, and time period. Once open, just follow the on-screen prompts.


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