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Volume 02 - Issue 18
December 18, 2009

Core Pricing:
NEW from

In the past couple weeks, you may have noticed that a new feature appeared on your Statistics and Reports page. This link will take you to Core Pricing™, a new product from that helps you make better dismantling decisions. Core Pricing helps you determine how much core buyers are willing to pay you for your parts – the program will identify which parts are valuable cores and which core buyer can offer you the most money. This helps you take full advantage of Coremate™, and maximize profits!

To open Core Pricing, click the link on your Statistics and Reports page. Select your vehicle from the drop-down boxes, and click the Search button. Core Pricing will show a list that includes all possible parts that core buyers want to buy. Core Pricing will identify which core parts your vehicle has and which core buyers want to buy your part, as well as the price they are willing to pay. (A good rule of thumb is: if you don't see an interchange number that you expect, none of your approved core buyers are interested in purchasing that specific part at this time.) When you have chosen which parts you want to be dismantled, Core Pricing makes it easy to print the page so your dismantler knows which parts should be cored.

Coremate is available at no additional cost to Car-Part Gold customers. To get started, call your salesperson to have the service turned on for you. If you are not a Car-Part Gold customer, contact your salesperson for more information on Car-Part Gold and its features, including Core Pricing.


Did You Know?

60,000 Trading Partners searches are performed every weekday (on average).


Reducing Seat Belt Confusion

If you inventory seat belts, you may have to field many questions when a customer is trying to find a specific part. You may not even inventory seat belts at all because of all the confusion and variation. An easy way to drastically reduce all the hassle revolving around seat belts is to include the model number in the part description.

Seat belts have model numbers printed on the seat belt webbing or on a tag sewed to the webbing. They are often easy to find and easy to read. Some vehicles have different seat belts for the models depending on whether it is a 2 or 4-door, has bench or bucket seats, etc. However, the printed model number applies to the retractor and the buckle as a set – if a manufacturer changes either part, the model number will change. That means this number is very reliable and including it in a part description will make your description very accurate. If you list the number in your part description, your customers can easily compare to the model number of the part they need, so they don't have to call many yards before finding the belt they need. You won't spend time answering phone calls for parts you don't have, and if you do have it customers are more likely to come to you because they know you have what they need.

Thanks to Charles McKenna from Collision Protection Sciences, LLC in Rochester, MI for this tip. Charles has purchased over 800 seat belts, and almost every part was located and purchased using

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