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Volume 04 - Issue 03
March 2, 2011

Urgent Fraud Warning

A number of recyclers have recently fallen victim to fraud. In particular, many recyclers have received fraudulent orders from the following company:


This company has ordered thousands of dollars’ worth of parts from auto recyclers, asking for the orders to be shipped to an address different from the billing address (at a freight dock in Virginia). After the parts were delivered (and irretrievable), ISHMEL, LLC challenged the payment and the recyclers were issued a chargeback.

If you receive contact from this business, send all pertinent information to Marcus Ivey, a Secret Service agent working on the case, at 254-741-0576 or Please also contact ARA at

If you fall victim to fraud from this or any other company, contact the Secret Service immediately.

The Pennsylvania Automotive Recycling Trade Society recommends the following actions to help protect your business from this type of fraud:

  1. Verify the cardholder's billing address.
  2. Do not ship to anywhere except that address.
  3. Obtain a signed authorization form.
  4. Get an authorization code.

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