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Volume 04 - Issue 4
April 4, 2011

Checkmate Build 69 Enhancements

Build 69 was rolled out in late March, and we are proud to tell you about all of the new features! Here are just a few of the enhancements we think you will be excited to learn about:
  • Smartbox — The new "smartbox" assists you in selecting the correct part or model from the Find and Sell screen. When you begin typing a model or part code, this smartbox will appear to show you all the models or parts that might meet that description. For example, if you type 2000 on the Year line and type CAM on the Model line, the smartbox will show you all parts that have "Cam" in the model name from the year 2000. Just arrow down to the model you are looking for and press Enter.

  • Easy VIN Decoding — Decode VINs right from the Find and Sell results screen! Important vehicle information is right at your fingertips during the sales process.
  • Customizable Payment Methods — You can delete methods you don't use (like certain credit cards), or add a new payment method (like PayPal).
  • Numeric Part Codes — Checkmate can be configured to display numeric part codes when you are doing activities like entering inventory, creating reports, or searching for parts on the Find and Sell screen.
  • Customized Text Inserts — Notes can be added to the invoices you print, allowing you to include important information like warranty terms, return restrictions, or installation instructions.
  • Change location to change category — Build 69 now offers you the convenience of mapping a category to a particular location bucket. This means that when you take a part off a vehicle and move it to a new location, the part category will automatically update to that new location. For example, if you take a part off the vehicle and move it into the warehouse, your part category will change from a Y (meaning it is in the yard) to a W (meaning that the part is now in the warehouse).
  • Email Reports — Send information directly from any Checkmate function that offers a print option (excluding the printing tags function). Now, you can email information like sales reports, purchase orders, and quotes directly to the person who needs them.
  • Order Trakker Enhancements — Build 69 brings with it new features to Order Trakker. You can now change the text, font, and color of the labels.
To learn more about these new Checkmate Build 69 features, or to hear about all the other great enhancements, contact your sales rep. To learn more about Checkmate, Order Trakker, or any other Car-Part product, visit our Products website. There, you can find product descriptions, training options, and contact information.


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