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Volume 04 - Issue 9

From the Interchange Department: Tail Panel vs. Tail Finish Panel

What's the difference between a Tail Panel (Checkmate® TPN, Numeric 194) and a Tail Finish Panel (Checkmate TFP, Numeric 195)?

It's come to our attention that there is quite a bit of confusion surrounding these two part codes. Both have interchange, but how do you know which part code to use? The Tail Panel is also called the Rear Body Panel and refers to the metal panel at the rear of the body where the tail lights bolt in.

For example, if you look up a Tail Panel (TPN) for a 1998 Eagle Talon in Checkmate and then do a CrashLink™ search, it shows you that the Tail Panel is #1 in this image:

From the Interchange Department: Tail Panel vs. Tail Finish Panel

Tail Finish Panel refers to the piece or pieces attached to the Rear Body Panel, such as reflectors and trim panels. It often includes lamps, wiring harnesses, bezels, or reflectors, or it may just be a decorative piece of trim that bolts on to the tail panel. If you look up a Tail Finish Panel (TFP) for the 98 Eagle Talon and do a CrashLink search, it shows you that the Tail Finish Panel is #1 in this image:

From the Interchange Department: Tail Panel vs. Tail Finish Panel

In Checkmate, you see all the Tail Panels and Tail Finish Panels in your inventory by running Print Customized Inventory Report (2,8,1 in ICM or U20,2 in Classic). You may want to check the descriptions to see if you may have inventoried these parts with the wrong part code. For example, if you inventoried a Tail Panel with a description of "reflective" or "between tail lamps," perhaps these parts should have been inventoried as Tail Finish Panels.

Special Note for Checkmate Users

When the 77.4 version of interchange is released, the TPN part code will be discontinued and the Hollander Interchange for part 194 will be available under part code RPA (Rear Body Panel). We hope this more descriptive part name will help lessen confusion between these two part codes in the future.


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