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Volume 05 - Issue 01

ARA Needs Your Help!

From the Automotive Recyclers Association:

I hope you have all read about the Automotive Recyclers Association Educational Foundation's (ARAEF) partnership with the FIRST® Robotics Competition. This alliance will provide the automotive recycling community with a unique opportunity to promote the industry to the next generation of engineers. This effort goes in hand with ARA and the ARAEF's increased efforts to educate the public about automotive recycling and green recycled parts.

Information on the 2012 ARAEF and FIRSTŪ partnership is being distributed to students across the country this week. ARAEF is asking that ARA members who are contacted by FIRSTŪ teams in their area donate four to six small motors to the team build their project. A combination of wiper motors, window motors, and seat motors could all serve as practical components of a team's required components. Each FIRST® Robotics Competition team will receive a voucher in their competition kit that explains they are to contact a local ARA member to set a time to pick up the motors at the automotive recycling facility. This is a win-win for ARA and FIRST® in that ARA members can directly impact the teams to enlighten them about automotive recycling, and that FIRST® has a reliable donation source for their program.

We need your help to be successful! To make this easier on the students, we really need a list of participating recyclers by state. Please sign up yourself and contact members in your region and ask them to do the same. This partnership has the potential to bring a tremendous about of good will and earned media to the industry.

It is easy to sign up! Just send an email to Elizabeth Vermette at to add your name to the list. The list will be posted to the ARAEF website as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Please feel free to contact Ginny Whelan, ARAEF Director, at if you have any questions about the program.


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