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Volume 05 - Issue 04

JLC Automotive Warehouse added to Trading Partners

JLC Automotive Warehouse JLC Automotive Warehouse has been added as the newest participating vendor on vendors display their inventory on the Vendors tab in Trading Partners™, making it quick and easy for you to purchase aftermarket parts for them.

JLC Automotive Warehouse offers the most complete line of automotive fuel filler necks in North America and a large line of reconditioned filler necks. With over 165 new models available, JLC is your one-stop shop for your filler neck needs. They offer high-quality units at competitive prices, all backed by friendly and experienced customer service reps and delivery to fit your needs. If they don't have it, they'll help you try to find it! JLC is perfect for units that have been discontinued, are overpriced, or are just hard to find. You can contact JLC through Car-Part Messaging or go directly to for more information and the most complete catalog of gas tank filler necks anywhere.

Searching the aftermarket inventories of JLC Automotive Warehouse and our other participating aftermarket vendors is a simple process. Start by searching for a part using your Trading Partners search from your inventory management system, iCPM, Bidmate, or Partmate. Next, look at the Vendors button at the top of the Trading Partners results page.

If JLC Automotive Warehouse or any other participating vendors have the part you are looking for, a number will appear in parentheses on this button. This indicates the number of participating vendors which sell this part. Click on the Vendors button to view the vendors' names, part descriptions, and prices. You can make your sale while still on the phone or on Car-Part Messaging™ with your customer. The Vendors button feature is a standard part of's Trading Partners service. Vendor information is made available to recyclers only through the Trading Partners service and these parts are not displayed in response to parts searches performed on the public website.


Did You Know?
After you are configured for Car-Part Pro, we still need your signature on two documents in order to start showing your parts in the Car-Part Pro results: 1) The Car-Part Certified Gold/Silver/Bronze Parts Provider form that explains the requirements of your certification level, and 2) The Car-Part PRO Configuration Summary document that confirms your configuration settings. If you haven't had a chance to fax these back to us yet, please do as soon as you can. We can't show your parts in the search results until we have these signatures! If you have any questions, please call us at 859-344-1925.


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