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Volume 05 - Issue 07

Hundreds of Thousands Could Lose Internet in July

Hundreds of Thousands Could Lose Internet in July Being online is essential for your daily operations, but many users will lose that ability very soon. Between uploading your parts to, finding parts with Trading Partners, communicating with your customers on iCPM, and all the other tasks you do in a day, your ability to connect to the Internet is crucial in running your business.

Unfortunately, international hackers have run an online advertising scam to take control of infected computers. The FBI set up a "safety net" months ago to prevent disruptions for those users infected with DNSChanger malware, but that system is about to be shut down. The malware is so strong that it is even able to wipe out a computer's anti-virus software. After July 9, infected users will not be able to connect to the Internet.

The FBI encourages everyone to visit (a website run by its security partner). This site helps users identify if they are infected. When you visit the site, click the Detect button in the upper left area of the screen. You will be directed to a new page. Scroll down the page until you find a blue and white list. Click on the link next to your language (English is the top link).

If your computer is not infected, you will see a green image and the message, "Your computer appears to be looking up IP addresses correctly!" If you get this message, there is nothing more you need to do.

If your computer is infected, you will see a red image and a message indicating that your computer is infected. You will be directed to a new page with a list of websites that provide antivirus tools that cybersecurity experts have identified as being effective in removing the malware.

Whether or not your computer is infected, it's always a good idea to make sure your computer has updated antivirus software running to help prevent future problems.


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