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Volume 05 - Issue 12

Checkmate Workstation is an Eight-in-One
Inventory Management Solution

Checkmate Workstation

Checkmate Workstation is available FREE of charge to Internet Checkmate users*

List a huge number of parts at once on eBay®, with images automatically included. Drag and drop photos to add to part or vehicle description in your management system. Keep an eye on your business throughout the day with a real-time overview of sales and inventory, and analyze longer-term information to improve your business. Track work orders with real-time updating. Find out how much a vehicle up for auction is worth to your business, based not only on your own history but on the parts your customers are looking for. Review your employee's inventory work before uploading those new parts to, and immediately send changes to Checkmate. The new Checkmate Workstation allows you to do all this from within one program, so managing your entire business is simpler and easier than ever before.

Checkmate Workstation is one program that combines the products you already use and love (like Order Trakker, Partmate, and Bidmate) with brand-new features you'll soon learn you can't live without (like Dashboard and Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay).
  • (NEW!) Dashboard gives you a real-time overview of your business. You can customize your screen to display up to 15 different "gadgets" which display charts and graphs so you can easily see information about your employees, inventory, sales, and more throughout the day. For example, Dashboard has gadgets that can show you today's sales by salesperson, active purchase orders, and credits. You can even customize these gadgets to display information for longer time periods too, or past information.

  • (NEW!) Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay®* quickly lists a high volume of parts to eBay. It's as simple as selecting the part(s) and clicking a button. You can see the parts you're selling or have sold from within Checkmate, and any parts that have sold on eBay will be automatically blocked from being sold again in Checkmate.
  • (NEW!) Imaging makes it easy to add images to your parts and vehicles, and so you can view them in Checkmate or upload to eBay. Seeing photos of parts while selling makes it easy to decide between similar items, and adding them in Checkmate is as simple as clicking and dragging an image into the program.

  • Car-Part Reports* gives you access to all the data that is stored in your Checkmate inventory management system. These reports let you view your business in a comprehensive way that helps you make better decisions and manage more effectively.
  • Order Trakker* tracks your parts from sales to delivery and beyond! Order Trakker is an easy-to-use production management tool that helps you track your work orders through your business processes. From work order to inspection to delivery, track your parts as they move through your business until the parts are in your customers' hands. Order Trakker is updated in real-time when you use Real Time Barcoding, and it even tracks returns!
  • Bidmate is a bidding system that gives you the power to make accurate decisions about the value of salvage vehicles. On a single screen, you can see all the parts on a vehicle with your own yard's request history, request data, profitability, average price, and a buy/no buy recommendation. You also have one-click access to Trading Partners™, so you can compare market prices.
  • Partmate inventory tool makes it quicker, easier, and simpler than ever to inventory new vehicles. Using our exclusive SmartVin™ and Smart Interchange™ technology, Partmate decodes interchange numbers for most parts directly from the VIN, and reduces interchange questions as you work. Point-and-click graphics makes ARA damage coding easy, and the new Desktop Review feature maintains a direct connection with Checkmate while allowing you and your staff to "flag" parts for later review.
Have a question? Want to learn more? Visit our Products site or contact your sales rep to get more details and see how Checkmate can be customized for you! Order Trakker, Bidmate, and Partmate are also available as stand-alone products.

* Additional charges apply to the user of certain Checkmate Workstation tools/features. Contact your salesperson for details.


Did You Know?
"Auto recyclers are lucky to have a company like Car-Part that is 100 per cent committed to our success – they jump into issues with both feet and tackle them to everyone's benefit. Their level of intelligence and dedication has allowed for the creation of products and services that have changed our businesses and will continue to do so going forward... With Car-Part, our industry is in good hands."

- David Gold, Standard Auto Wreckers, in Collision Repair magazine


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