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Volume 05 - Issue 13

Fix Problems in Inconsistency Report for Car-Part Pro™

Are you giving your customers all the information they need when they search on When your part grade and description have conflicting information, the part grade is removed from the part listing on While it has always been important to fix these inconsistencies as quickly as possible to ensure correct listings on, the recent national release of Car-Part Pro has made it even more important that your parts are graded correctly with no discrepancies.

Car-Part Pro allows high-volume buyers like body shops and insurance appraisers to search for your parts by service level information and part quality. They can choose to view only those parts that meet their quality/grade requirements, so these buyers won't see your part at all if your grade has been removed from your parts listing because of inconsistencies.

If you are a Car-Part Gold member, you not only can list your parts on Car-Part Pro for free, but you can also access a Part Grading Inconsistency Report which outlines any conflicting part information in your inventory uploads (these parts with conflicting information do not appear graded on To view this report, go to your Statistics and Reports page.
  • If hosts your website, your Statistics and Reports page is located at

  • If does not host your website, your Statistics and Reports page is located at (where #### is your Car-Part account number)
On this page, the Part Grading Inconsistency Report link will be available in your list of report types. (If you do not know your login information for your Statistics and Reports page, or if you need your Car-Part account number and don't know it, contact your support rep. This page should only be accessed by a manager, because it gives access to other products as well.)

If you need help interpreting the Part Grading Inconsistency Report, refer to the Statistics and Reports user guide, which is available on our Products site.


Did You Know?
Car-Part is actively working on certifying our products and services for Windows® 8. If you are thinking of buying a new machine, please contact your support rep for assistance in selecting a system that will support the entire Car-Part suite.


Collision Repair Industry Production Surges

Data from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that the auto body repair industry's production surged in the third quarter of 2012. This is the largest quarterly increase since August 2005.

According to a recent CollisionWeek article, the industry has increased production 8.6% since January 2011, and increased 3.05% since the last quarter. An increase of this intensity has only been recorded once since 2000.

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