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Volume 06 - Issue 8

The Power of Real Time Part Verification
Peace of mind for your customers, valuable sales leads for you

The new Real Time Part Verification feature helps your customers confirm a part's availability while searching in Car-Part Pro or while ordering a part in Mitchell RepairCenter, and sends these interested buyers' contact information to your iCPM (Car-Part Messaging) window as sales leads.

Because a part may be sold or otherwise changed after your inventory is uploaded, our Confirm Availability button allows your customers to instantly confirm that the information they see about availability and condition is still accurate. After clicking the button, the buyer will see a message indicating whether the information is correct, the information has been updated, or the part is no longer available.

Recyclers who use Checkmate and list their parts on Car-Part Pro can see which parts their customers are checking on in the Verify tab in Car-Part Messaging. You will receive an immediate notification every time a buyer uses the Confirm Availability button on one of your parts.

For more information, or to see Real Time Part Verification in action, take a few minutes to check out this video demonstration. (If you need login information, contact your support rep or call us at 859-344-1925.)

Real Time Part Verification features are available exclusively to Car-Part Gold recyclers. For more information about Car-Part Gold, Real Time Part Verification, Car-Part Pro, or Car-Part Messaging, you can contact your sales rep directly or call us on our main line at 859-344-1925.


Did You Know?, Car-Part Pro, and individual recycler websites are now using Car-Part Interchange version 79.26.


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