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Volume 07 - Issue 10

Copart Auctions Now Available for Automatic Import in Bidmate

All 164 Copart Auction locations are now available to be automatically imported into Bidmate!

Bidmate is salvage buying software designed for the fast pace of an auction. It reviews vehicles for sale at your local salvage pool and automatically calculates each vehicle's value to your unique business, based on your sales history and stock levels. It even gives you part request data from web searches!

The Automatic Import feature conveniently downloads and imports auction and vehicle information from select salvage pools right into Bidmate. With Automatic Import, you don't have to manually find, copy, and enter the information you need to evaluate a sale. We are thrilled to announce that Copart and have now teamed up to make all 164 Copart Auctions available with this feature!

Copart is the premier destination for quality vehicles. Choose from the classics, early and late model cars and trucks, industrial vehicles, and more. They sell over 2 million vehicles each year, and have thousands up for auction every day!

If you aren't already a Bidmate user, click here to learn more, and contact your sales person for a demonstration.

If you are already a Bidmate user, follow these steps to configure your local Copart location for automatic import:
  1. In Bidmate, go to File>Import>Pool Data (Automatic)>Subscription Setup.
  1. Select Copart from the Pool Companies list, then select the specific Company Auction Site you wish to subscribe to, and click the > button to add it to Your Auction Sites. Click OK to save your work.
  2. Go to File>Import>Pool Data (Automatic)>Download and Import to download Copart auctions (along with any other locations you subscribe to).
Even better, Bidmate can automatically download and import auctions overnight so they are immediately ready for you in the morning. Activating this overnight download takes just a few minutes, and you can find easy-to-follow instructions in the Bidmate Version 13 User Guide, page 16. The User Guide is available on our Products site, along with helpful videos from our trainers that highlight Bidmate's powerful features. If you need login info, call us at 859-344-1925 or click here to contact your sales rep directly.

Did You Know?
If you change the way you enter prices for your inventory (for example, changing from retail pricing to wholesale pricing), be sure let us know. This affects where our software looks for pricing information and how your inventory is displayed on search results. If you change your pricing, contact your support rep or call us at 859-344-1925.

(Thanks to Cathy Myers at Keith's Auto Recyclers for suggesting this tip.)

Carefully Consider New Advertising Contracts or Websites

Many recyclers have been calling us lately to ask our opinion on companies like,, and

Recyclers have informed us that these companies have approached them and asked to them sign up for monthly advertising contracts ranging from $150-$1200 per month for a business listing on their websites, or for redesigning the recycler's website. We have done some research on these companies and have found that some of them are under review by the Better Business Bureau in certain locations (more information here and here). We have also found that some of these companies had very low overall satisfaction ratings on, with reviews stating that the sales tactics are high-pressure, and that the contracts are expensive and difficult to cancel. You can read these reviews for yourself here and here. is not affiliated with any of these companies, and we suggest that you thoroughly research any company before signing an advertising contract. If you are interested in establishing a website of your own, or updating the website you already have, we can help. Our Recycling Web Design Manager, Heidi, can be reached at her direct line if you have any questions. Her number is 859-757-1209. You can also call our main office at 859-344-1925 and ask to speak to someone in the Web Design department.

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