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This page is an archive of previously-published content. The information was accurate at the time it was published; however, the information may no longer be accurate or complete. If you have any questions about current Car-Part products, please contact your sales or support rep.

Volume 08 - Issue 1

Car-Part Interchange Plus Added to Trading Partners,, Car-Part Pro, Your Website, and eBay Listings

Your Trading Partners search has been updated to support Car-Part Interchange Plus!, Car-Part Pro, individual recycler websites, and Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay have all also been updated to take advantage of Car-Part Interchange Plus.

Car-Part Interchange Plus is's new interchange enhancement option. This enhancement includes interchange for part types that did not previously have interchange, like rocker moulding and glove boxes. (When you subscribe, your sales rep can provide you with a list of included parts.) Car-Part Interchange Plus helps you accurately find and inventory these miscellaneous parts, and now it has been added to your buying and selling in Trading Partners,, Car-Part Pro, your business website, and eBay.

Here are the enhancements we've recently made to incorporate our enhanced interchange into your buying and selling.

In Trading Partners

When you search by interchange number for Car-Part Interchange Plus parts, you find exactly the part you're looking for. No more guesswork!

If you do not subscribe to Car-Part Interchange Plus, Trading Partners searches for Car-Part Interchange Plus parts now give you the opportunity to specify Interchange Choices after you press your F-key.

If you do subscribe to Car-Part Interchange Plus and Checkmate, your Trading Partners search will automatically use Car-Part Interchange Plus and will show all parts that exactly match your search.

When you search by interchange number for these parts, your search results page gives you the option of expanding your search to the traditional non-interchange year/model/part search with the Non-Intch Search button. This will include parts from recyclers who do not use Car-Part Interchange Plus, and the results will not be exact because it is a non-interchange search.

From the results of a Non-Interchange search, you can opt to filter by interchange for exact results with the Intch Search button.

When you subscribe to Car-Part Interchange Plus, your search results page also includes interchange application information. Click on the Intch Appl button to quickly and easily see the complete application for the part.

(If you do not subscribe to Car-Part Interchange Plus, interchange application information will not be available.)

On Your Website

Recyclers who use Car-Part Interchange Plus now have it included on their business websites' inventory searches. When customers search for a Car-Part Interchange Plus part, they have the option to search by interchange for accurate, exact results.

If you do not subscribe to Car-Part Interchange Plus, your website will continue to show only the non-interchange search for Car-Part Interchange Plus parts.

On and Car-Part Pro

Both and Car-Part Pro offer customers the option of searching for Car-Part Interchange Plus parts by Interchange Choices (for an exact search) or by the traditional Non-Interchange search.

Just like any interchange search, customers who search with this option will only see parts that are inventoried with this interchange. This makes Car-Part Interchange Plus a great opportunity for you to sell more parts by showing up in these searches.

On eBay

When you list parts on eBay with Checkmate, your listings for Car-Part Interchange Plus parts will now take advantage of eBay fitment. eBay's fitment system is similar to interchange, and it helps eBay users search for parts that fit their vehicles. Our Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay translates Car-Part Interchange Plus interchange numbers to eBay fitment, making it much easier for eBay users to find your parts. (Don't use Checkmate? Don't worry, we can still help you list parts on eBay with Car-Part Interchange Plus. Contact your salesperson for more information.)

Contact your salesperson to learn more or to sign up and enjoy the benefits of this enhanced interchange in your business. When you subscribe to Car-Part Interchange Plus, your subscription includes CrashLink, which helps you quickly access information that you used to spend time looking for in crash catalogs. It will be accessible from all your Trading Partners user screens.

Find your salesperson's contact information at:

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