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Reviewing Resolution Parts in Checkmate -
It's Important!

You may have noticed that some parts are green in Checkmate Sales Pro search results. These are "Resolution Parts," also known as "parts in resolution." These are parts that need interchange numbers assigned to them. Any inventoried part might become a Resolution Part as the result of an interchange update, or a part may be a Resolution Part because interchange is available for that part, but that part was still inventoried without interchange. You must assign interchange numbers to these Resolution Parts to keep your inventory information accurate. In Checkmate Sales Pro, Resolution Parts are colored green in your search results to help you identify them.

If you do not review and resolve these Resolution Parts, two big problems occur:
  • These parts will not show up in online search results.
  • These parts will skew your evaluation data in Bidmate. Because Resolution Parts do not have interchange numbers assigned to them, Bidmate cannot detect that you have this part in inventory. In this instance, Bidmate may encourage you to purchase parts you do not need.
Resolution Parts will still show up in search results in Checkmate Sales Pro and Checkmate Retro. In Checkmate Sales Pro, you can see a list of these parts in the Resolution Parts section of the Parts tab. When you see these parts in your search results, there is no way to be sure that these parts are an actual match for the part you looked up because Checkmate doesn't have the interchange information it needs to make that determination. Checkmate is still waiting for manual review of this part to confirm the interchange number.
For these parts, Price Book prices will not be listed, and Car-Part request data not will be available because Checkmate requires interchange information to display that data.
In Checkmate Retro, these Resolution Parts will be displayed underneath all of the other parts in your results. Remember, because there isn't any interchange information for these parts, there isn't any way for you to be sure that these parts are an actual match for the part you looked up.
When you are inventorying parts, we encourage you to enter detailed part descriptions. This will be helpful later on if these parts go into resolution as the result of interchange updates (because you will be able to use your descriptions to help determine what the new interchange number should be). Not only that, but parts with detailed descriptions in your online part listings are more appealing to online customers.

For information about how to review and update these "in resolution" parts, see our How to Review Resolution Parts guide. Find it on our Checkmate Training page ( under Checkmate Sales Pro. You can also contact your Checkmate support rep, or call our main office at 859-344-1925. We look forward to talking with you!

Did you know?, Car-Part Pro, and individual recycler websites are now using Car-Part Interchange version 82.2.

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