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Announcing Photomate:
NEW Mobile Imaging App for Recyclers!

Big news! We have just released Photomate,'s newest Imaging tool! The NEW Photomate mobile app makes it fast and easy to take photos of your inventory. Your customers can see these photos online, and your salespeople can see these photos in Checkmate!

Photomate is completely integrated with Checkmate - with a little help from you, your team instantly receives assignments in Photomate for parts that need photos, and helps them take the photos with their phones. The photos are attached to your inventory in Checkmate, and included in your online part listings. Including photos in your part listings helps you make your parts more attractive to online customers, who really value product images when shopping.
Online customers are more comfortable when there are photos included in a product listing. In fact, 75% of customers say that the quality of the product images is the most important feature when shopping online*. Part photos complement the part grade information you already provide, by giving your customer the opportunity to verify the quality of the part, as well as the information in the part's description. Not all part sellers have images of their inventory online, so including photos in your online listings give you the advantage. Photos make your listing more informative and your inventory more appealing to purchase. Thankfully, Photomate now makes it easier than ever to take photos of your inventory so they can be uploaded to your online part listings on, Car-Part ProeBayTrading Partners, and your own website.
Not only is Photomate easy to use, but makes communication easy between you and your team. Here's how it works: you choose which parts in your inventory are in need of photos. Just select the parts from within Checkmate and click the new Photomate button. This part is assigned to a team member in Photomate, where he (or anyone else on the team) can see the assignment. You get to choose which pieces of your inventory are most in need of photos, and who should take the photos. This person instantly recieves an assignment list in Photomate requesting pictures for specific parts. Whether your team is taking photos in the warehouse or in the yard, there is no confusion about which parts have or need photos.
After photos are taken of the parts within Photomate, the photos are transferred to Checkmate wirelessly. (Photomate works with or without Wi-Fi.) From Checkmate, the photos are included in your uploads to any of your online part listings. (Click here to learn more about how these photos are displayed in your online listings.)

Using Photomate to increase revenue is easy, efficient, and exclusively for Checkmate Sales Pro customers. Everyone at your business who has a Checkmate username will also have a Photomate account - there is no limit.

To learn more about how Photomate will help your team easily assign parts, take part photos, transfer those photos to Checkmate, and upload to online part listings, contact your salesperson directly (or call our main office at 859-344-1925).

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Did you know?

Photomate is included in the Advanced Partmate service.
If you already subscribe to Partmate Review, good news! You are being automatically upgraded to Advanced Partmate at no additional charge. This means that Photomate is already available to you! Call your support rep to schedule your Photomate installation. We look forward to talking with you!

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