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Add Loose Parts to Your Inventory in
Checkmate Build 84

As a Car-Part customer, we want to let you know about a great new feature that's now available in Checkmate Sales Pro. With the new Checkmate Build 84, you can easily add loose parts to your inventory directly from Checkmate Sales Pro. You can add them to an existing vehicle, or just add them without associating them with a vehicle.
If you are an eligible Checkmate customer, your Checkmate Build 84 upgrade CD will be arriving in the mail soon (or you may have already received it). When you get it, follow the instructions to install the update, and take advantage of this new feature! 
Here's how Loose Part Entry works:
1. Start at the Parts tab and click the Add button.
2. The ADDING window opens. If you know the stock number that you would like to add this part to, enter it in the Stock Number field. If you don't know, use the Find Vehicle button to search for a stock number.
3. If an existing AUT matches the stock number you entered, Sales Pro will automatically populate the Year, Model, and Location information. Otherwise, enter this information manually.
4. Select the Part and Interchange of the part you'd like to add.
5. If this is a body part, flip to the ARA Damage tab to assign an ARA damage code. Then, return to the General tab.
6. Use the Miles/Cond field to enter condition information (the magnifying glass will automatically populate this field with the mileage of the AUT record or from the damage code on the ARA Damage tab).
7. Enter any other information, such as Cost and Description.
8. Use the Stock Book, Notes, and Imaging tab to add any applicable information.
9. When you are finished, click Accept. (If you wish to print a part tag, click Accept & Queue or Accept & Print Tag.)
10. The part will now appear in the grid on the Parts tab.
Want to learn more about Loose Part Entry (including how that Find Vehicles button actually works)? We have a few options for you:
Register for Tomorrow's Webinar: What's New: Checkmate Build 84
Watch "Checkmate Build 84: Adding Loose Parts in Sales Pro" video
Read "Checkmate Sales Pro Build 84 New Features Guide"

Did you know?

eBay has recently updated their policy and now requires secure connections (HTTPS) for external content. How does this affect you?
  • If you have a custom template designed by Web Designers, you don't have to do anything. We will contact you over the next few weeks to update your template accordingly.
  • If you use our free eBay "Example eBay Template Code," you will need to update your code. We have updated our free template code, which can be downloaded from our Checkmate Training library. (Look for the eBay section, and then read the Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay - User Guide or download the Example eBay Template Code.)
  • If you (or a third party) have updated your template to new eBay guidelines, please contact Checkmate Support if you need help loading your new template code, and updating images and active listings.

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