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Car-Part Salvage: Now Offering
Text Notifications

By popular request, you can now receive text message notifications for Car-Part Salvage listings! Read on to learn how this new feature works and how to manage your notifications.

Text Message Notifications

You can receive texts when:
  • A higher offer has been made on a listing you made an offer on.
  • A new vehicle is listed that matches the filters you have set on the Salvage listing page.
  • A listing is about to expire that matches the filters you have set on the Salvage listing page.
When you sign up, you will receive a text message in addition to the email notification that you already receive. The text message notifications will include a link that will take you right to the listing (example shown below).
To take advantage of this new feature, you must opt in to text message notifications. Here's how:
  1. Log in to Car-Part Salvage and go to More>Settings.
  2. When the Settings display, click the User Management tab.
  3. Under your username, click Click here to set up notification methods.
  4. Under Text Message Options, click to check the Text boxes and enter the cell phone number for each notification type you'd like to receive via text. If you no longer want to receive email notifications, you can un-check the Email boxes. 
  5. Click Save

Getting Too Many Notifications?

The notifications you receive are based on the filters you have set on the Salvage listing page for distance, model year, and ACV. If you're getting too many notifications for listings you aren't interested in, you probably need to review or modify these filters.
If you don't specify a range on your filters, you will receive a notification about each and every salvage vehicle that is listed on Car-Part Salvage. If you do not want that to be the case, please set your filters to the ranges you prefer. 
To do this, go to the Salvage listing page. Click and drag the circle handles on each filter to adjust the range. The low end of the range will display at the left end of the filter line and the high end of the range will display on the right end of the filter line. For example, in the illustration below, notifications will be sent for listings that are located 0-1000 miles away, have a model year between 1985-2018, and have an ACV of any amount.

Stop Notifications for a Single Listing

If you receive a notification about a listing and you decide you aren't interested in that particular listing, you can easily stop the notifications for just that listing (while continuing to receive notifications for other listings). To do this, click or tap the link that was included in the notification to view the listing. When the listing displays, click the trash can icon that appears on the listing. You will no longer receive notifications for that listing.
If you have any questions about setting your filters, setting email notifications, or other new features, please contact us at 859-344-1925 and ask to speak to a Car-Part Salvage team member.

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