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Automatically Download
IAA Auction Data for Bidmate

We are happy to announce that all Bidmate users now have the ability to download and automatically import auctions from any of the 171 IAA auction sites!
Bidmate is's salvage buying tool that calculates a vehicle's worth to your business and how well it will return your investment, so you know how much to bid at the auction. With this enhancement, IAA auction information will automatically become automatically available in Bidmate once you've set up your subscription.
Taking advantage of this within Bidmate just requires some quick initial setup. Complete the easy steps below to download pool data and set up a subscription to automatically download and import vehicles from IAA auction sites:
  1. From Bidmate's main screen, click File>Import>Pool Data (Automatic)>Download and Import. On the popup window that appears, click Yes to download auction pool data. This will retrieve the roster of IAA auction sites.
  2. After the download has finished and you've been returned to Bidmate's main screen, click File>Import>Pool Data (Automatic)>Subscription Setup. In the Auction Group Name column, click the IAA Auction Group option that is now available and the Auction Group Sites column will display the IAA auction sites.
  3. In the Auction Group Sites column, select the IAA auction site that you would like to subscribe to automatic auction imports for, then click the > button to add the site to Your Auction Sites. Repeat this for each auction site you would like to subscribe to.
  4. Click OK.
After you complete these steps, current auction information from the sites you have subscribed to will be automatically processed into Bidmate whenever you download and import pool data.

Already have Bidmate?

If you have Bidmate and need assistance, contact your support rep directly or call our main line at (859) 344-1925.
Bidmate Support

Don't have Bidmate, but want to learn more?

Bidmate, the industry's premier bidding tool, puts the information you need right at your fingertips while you're evaluating a vehicle or bidding at the auction. If you don't have Bidmate but are interested in learning more about it, contact your salesperson or call our main line at (859) 344-1925.
Bidmate Sales

Car-Part Interchange Updates Now Downloadable! 

We are excited to announce that Car-Part Interchange software updates for Checkmate, Bidmate, and Partmate are moving online! With the current update to the Car-Part Interchange version 83.44, we are beginning to provide software updates to you exclusively through our new online portal (this will replace the physical DVD that you previously would receive in the mail). This is a significant step toward improving the convenience and speed of updating your software.
When your software update is ready, you will receive an email with everything you need to know to access the online portal, download the latest Car-Part Interchange update, and get it properly installed. If you haven't received an email yet, it will be coming soon - so keep an eye on your inbox!

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