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Bidmate and Partmate Update:
VIN Details, OEM Search, and more

Brand new features are now available in Bidmate and Partmate! These features were recently released in an online update:
  • Bidmate and Partmate: When considering vehicles to buy in Bidmate or inventorying vehicles in Partmate, over 50 vehicle details decoded from the VIN will now display. (In Partmate, map these vehicle details directly to a vehicle's options when you're inventorying.)
  • Partmate: When adding loose parts, you can now use the OEM number to locate the year, model, part, and interchange
  • Partmate: Enter title info and other information required by NMVTIS
  • Partmate: Vehicle and dismantling notes now export to Checkmate

Bidmate/Partmate: More Details in VIN Decode

Additional VIN information is now available in both Bidmate and Partmate. Over 50 vehicle details now display on the VIN Decode window. 
In Partmate, you can now map vehicle details to specific vehicle options so it's super fast to fill out your Options tab (which fills out your part descriptions).
You only have to map vehicle details to vehicle options once. After it's set up, you can fill your Options tab with these vehicle details, with just the click of a button!

Partmate: New Tabs for Title and Sales Info

Two new tabs have been added to Partmate Review and to the Vehicles screen in Partmate. This helps you capture information required by NMVTIS.
If you already have a buyer for a vehicle when you're inventorying it, use the new Sales Info tab to enter details about the sale.
On the new Veh Info tab, you can enter title information and other information for the vehicle.
When you export vehicles to Checkmate, the information from these two tabs will be included in the vehicle’s AUT record.

Partmate: OEM # Search for Adding Loose Parts

When you Inventory Loose Parts in Partmate, you can now use the OEM Search to locate the year, model, part, and interchange.
On the new OEM Search window, enter an OEM Number. Select the part, interchange, and application. Click Select and Partmate fills this info in for you on the ADDING window.

Partmate: Dismantling/Vehicle Notes Export to Checkmate

Vehicle and Dismantling notes that you enter in Partmate are now included when you export the vehicle to Checkmate.
This includes:
  • Dismantling notes entered on the Notes tab. (Don't worry - it's still also printed on  the Dismantling Instructions Report.)
  • Vehicle notes entered using the Edit>Vehicle Note menu option.
After you export a vehicle to Checkmate, these notes from Partmate show in Sales Pro on the vehicle’s AUT record. (Dismantling notes are marked by DISM.)

Already have Bidmate/Partmate?

We don't have room in this email to cover all the details about all these changes. We invite you to check out the full guide on our Products website for all the details about how these features work. Look for the link that says: 
Bidmate/Partmate New Features in Update 18.0.8415.200
Bidmate Training Page

Don't have Bidmate/Partmate, but want to learn more?

Talk to a sales rep today to see how these tools can make your work day better!
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Did you know?

Shipping a part? We've heard from many recyclers who use Photomate to snap a quick photo of the package before taping it up. This can be helpful if there are any disputes once the customer receives it!

FREE Upcoming Webinars

We have tons of information to share in this webinar, so it will run about 2 hours.
Topics include:
  • Creating Parts Lists
  • Creating Dismantling Reports and Unresolved Inventory Reports
  • Partmate Settings (activating Fast Add, creating Price Book Multipliers, etc.)
  • Partmate Review (feature only available to Advanced Partmate users)
  • Pulling vehicles back in from Checkmate (Pull from CM)
  • Editing the AUT
  • New inventory statistics filters
  • Adding multiple quantity parts
  • Car-Part statistics and core pricing in Bidmate (feature only available to Advanced Bidmate users)
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We'll Be At

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February 21-23, 2019

New Training on the Products site

  • PDF: Bidmate/Partmate New Features in Update 18.0.8415.200
  • PDF: Bidmate/Partmate New Features in Update 18.0.8415.200
  • PDF: Common Checkmate Part Codes
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