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The Car-Part Scoop

New Features in Photomate 3.1
Inventory Parts by OEM Number
Print Part Tags when Relocating Parts

Photomate is our mobile app for Checkmate users. It helps you add photos to parts, inventory parts, move parts, and audit locations. Photomate version 3.1 was recently released to the app store. Be sure to update (if you haven't already) to unlock your new features!
In this issue of the Car-Part Scoop, we'll quickly show you how you can now use the OEM number to help you inventory parts, and how you can print new part tags when you relocate parts. In a few days, we'll send you more information about a few other new features in Photomate 3.1, so keep an eye out!

Inventorying Parts with OEM Numbers

When you're inventorying a part in Photomate, the new OEM # Search lets you use the part's OEM number to locate the year, model, and interchange. 
Here's how it works:
  1. Tap the new OEM # Search button.
  2. Enter the part's OEM Number.
  3. The part and interchange for this OEM number will display. If there are multiple matches, then a button will display. Tap the button to view the options and select the correct combo.
  4. In the bottom of the OEM Search screen, tap the appropriate interchange application.
  5. Tap Select. Photomate uses this information to fill in fields on the Inventory a Part screen.
Now, just continue adding information like normal to inventory it!

Print a New Part Tag when Moving a Part

Want to print a new part tag when a part's location changes? No problem!
When you're moving a part with Photomate, just check the new Tag # checkbox. This will add a tag with the part's new location to the Checkmate tag queue.

Learn More

Remember, your Photomate app and your Checkmate Rest Server (CMRS) must both be updated for these new Photomate features to work. (Checkmate Workstation will prompt you to update CMRS to version
If you don't have Photomate but would like to learn more, contact your salesperson!
Contact Salesperson

Training Documents/Video Demos

To learn more about the features above, or any other feature of Photomate, visit our Photomate Training Library on our Products Site. We have tons of videos and written training guides to help!
Visit the Photomate Training Library

Did you know?, Car Part Pro, and individual recycler websites are currently using Car-Part Interchange version 84.4.

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