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The Car-Part Scoop

CrashLink Updates Tomorrow

CrashLink is getting major upgrades! CrashLink gives you easy access to OEM-based interchange, part diagrams, and list price information (including price history). CrashLink is fully integrated with Car-Part Interchange Plus!

If you subscribe to CrashLink, you'll start seeing updates tomorrow. Here's the new workflow:

Step 1: Begin a CrashLink Search

When you're working in your management system, just press your F-key (usually F6 in Checkmate and Powerlink, or Shift +F6 in Pinnacle). In Bidmate or Partmate, click/tap the CL button.

Step 2: Part Selection/"Questions" Page

CrashLink opens in your browser, with a list of parts that match your search. (Assemblies will also show related parts.) Select the parts you want to search and click Add to Your Parts.

Step 3: Pricing/Information

The Pricing/Information screen opens. This is the main CrashLink screen, with the information you want about list prices, pricing history, part applications, and diagrams. This screen helps you research the part and calculate the selling price.
(In the Part Detail part list, the List $ shows the current OEM list price, and the Sell $ shows that price cut by 50% . You can edit the Sell $ or Qty if you want - just click Update Your Parts to re-calculate your Total Price.)
In addition to the functionality you already rely on, you'll get these awesome new features in this week's update:
  • Google search for an OEM number with the Web links.
  • See a part in the diagram that you want to add to your list? Just click Parts by Image.
  • When multiple part diagrams are available, you can view all of them.
  • Use the VIN Search or OEM Search to start a new search from within CrashLink and add parts to your list.
  • Full integration with Car-Part Interchange Plus (if you subscribe).
  • Canadian customers see both US and Canadian list price information.
  • You can open CrashLink right in your browser by visiting (use the same username/password that you use for Trading Partners or Statistics and Reports). It will open to the Part Search.
  • The Part Search (where you can search by category or keyword) has been redesigned to be much more user-friendly. Click on folders to "drill down" through categories, and search by part code or part name.

Already have CrashLink?

Find Training Videos and Guides on CrashLink Training Page

Don't have CrashLink?

Contact Your Sales Rep to Learn More, Car Part Pro, and individual recycler websites are currently using Car-Part Interchange version 85.22.
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  • PDF: CrashLink User Guide
  • VIDEO: Integrated Workflow (including Checkmate, Bidmate, and Partmate) (4:25) 
  • VIDEO: Manual Part Search (including Web Login and VIN Search) (2:55)
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