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Checkmate 2019R4 Quote Enhancements
Checkmate 2019R4 was recently released, and we're excited to show you some of the powerful enhancements we made to Quotes in Checkmate!
In 2019R4, you can now:
  • Include tax amounts on Quotes, with subtotals for taxes, freight, and cores.
  • Sell only some parts off of a quote. You can also see when parts on a quote aren't available anymore, and easily change them out for a similar part.
  • See part and vehicle photos on the Quotes tab, view interchange application data, print pick slips, and copy quote notes to work orders.
This quick video (6 mins) will tell you all about the new quote enhancements in 2019R4! Click below to visit our training library, and and look for the link that says 2019R4 Quote Enhancements.
In addition to the Quote enhancements, there are even MORE new features available in this release of Checkmate! Check out the new features guide for details! To download it, click the button below and look for the link that says Checkmate 2019R4 New Features.
Checkmate Sales Pro Training Library

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Want to Learn More about Checkmate?

If you don't have Checkmate yet but would like to learn more about it, please contact your sales rep. Click here to find their information. We look forward to talking with you!
The Photomate mobile app makes it really easy to audit part locations. Now the Audit Summary shows each part's Status, which can be helpful when you're looking for a part! 
  • PDF: Checkmate 2019R4 New Features
  • VIDEO: Checkmate 2019R4 Quote Enhancements
  • VIDEO: Work Orders: Standard vs. Production
  • VIDEO: Add and Edit Cores on Quotes
  • VIDEO: Part Colors in Search Results
  • VIDEO: Webinar: New Employee Training - Basic Checkmate Sales Pro
  • VIDEO: Webinar: New Employee Training - Advanced Checkmate Sales Pro
  • VIDEO: Checkmate Statements
  • VIDEO: Webinar: How to Increase eBay Sales with Car-Part Interchange Plus (Recorded August 2019)
Bidmate Training:
  • PDF: Bidmate New Features in Update 18.0.8522.200
  • VIDEO: Webinar: New Employee Training - Inventorying with Partmate (Recorded October 2019)
  • VIDEO: Webinar: Online Sales with CrashLink and CPI+ (Recorded October 2019)
  • VIDEO: Webinar: Production Management with Order Trakker (Recorded September 2019)
Rocky Mountain Summit & Expo
Englewood, CO
January 24-25, 2020
Kelly Lawlor speaking: "Social Media Basics"
Theresa Colbert moderating: "Recyclers Hot Topic Roundtable"
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