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Newest Features in Order Trakker
Order Trakker recently gained some new features that make it easier to keep track of your work orders!
Order Trakker helps you easily track the status of your work orders. It integrates with Checkmate, giving you comprehensive production management that helps you track parts and work orders from sales to delivery. In this email, we'll show you the newest features.

Work Order Parts Button

Every tab in Order Trakker now displays the Work Order parts button, which shows:
  • the part's work order part number
  • the number of total parts on the work order
Example: The numbers 3/4 in the Work Order column means that the part on that line is the 3rd part out of 4 total parts on the work order.
Click the button to view all the parts on the work order.
Another thing to note about this: see the red/green icons on the buttons?
  • A green check means all the parts on the work order have the same Status and are at the same point in your production workflow (so if you're on the Ready tab, and the Work Order parts button displays a green icon, that means all the parts on that work order are Ready).
  • A red icon means the parts on the work order don't have the same Status: they are at different places in your production workflow.

Search for Customer PO Number

We've added an easy way to locate a work order using a customer's purchase order number. Just go to Search>for Customer PO Number.

EZ Route Integration

If you have Order Trakker integrated with EZ Route, we've added a couple new enhancements just for you.
  • Part descriptions can now transfer to EZ Route notes. You can turn this on by going to Tools>EZ Route Key.
  • Part codes of PPU (part pickup) sent to EZ Route will be added to the manifest as a pickup. (In Checkmate Sales Pro, just create a work order with the PPU part code for any part that your driver needs to pick up on his route.) 
  • COD amounts from the invoices now displays on the driver's manifest in EZ Route.

Want to Learn More About Order Trakker?

Contact Your Sales Rep
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