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Checkmate 2020R6 Released
with Inventory Tool
Great news! Checkmate 2020R6 is being released! This version revolutionizes Inventory maintenance in the Checkmate management system. This update will be rolling out to eligible Checkmate customers over the next couple weeks. You'll see a notice in Checkmate when your system is ready to update!
The new Inventory tool is Checkmate's "command central" for inventory management. Not only can you add vehicle records and and add loose parts, but it's also now more simple and straightforward for you to maintain inventory information. "Drill down" to exactly the parts you want to edit, then make/save your changes in just a few clicks. It's a snap to edit hundreds of parts at once, so you can quickly adjust to the market and encourage sales.
Man working at a computer, standing in a garage
For example, you can:
  • Search for engines that have been in stock for over 2 years, and decrease all the prices by 10%.
  • Identify which parts are popular in your region, but that aren't getting many requests at your business. Edit part information or send the parts to Photomate (so your team can take pictures on their smartphones). 
  • Review and update the highest-dollar Resolution Parts. (These are the parts that you have in inventory, but they need interchange assigned - like when you first sign up for Car-Part Interchange Plus.) This is crucial - if parts are in Resolution, they don't show up in searches!
  • Find parts that are still bolted onto a vehicle you're crushing, to scrap them and remove them from inventory.
Important changes like these can be made rapidly in 2020R6, so you can ensure that your parts are accurately described and priced when they're uploaded to online part listings, like on or eBay.
Here's a demo of that first example:
Animation showing the process of bulk editing prices in Checkmate's Inventory tool
This update will be "roll out" over the next couple weeks. You'll see a notice in Checkmate when your system is ready to update! You'll also see the red "update" icon at the top of your Checkmate Workstation. Click it for instructions on how to update your system.
Screenshot showing the red "!" update icon in Checkmate Workstation
Once you've updated, you'll see a new button with a clipboard icon. That's how you open the Inventory tool!
Screenshot showing the Inventory tool button in Checkmate Workstation
Ready to get started with the Inventory tool? We have a lot of ways for you and your team to learn more about it:
When you're filtering your search by Days In Stock, entering an exact number will only return parts that have been in stock for that exact number of days.
Instead, use one of the following methods:
  • Use a range (e.g., 200-300 will return parts that have been in stock 200-300 days)
  • Use more than (>) or less than (<) symbols. (e.g., >365 will return parts that have been in stock more than 365 days. <365 will return parts that have been in stock less than 365 days.)
Later this week, marketplaces (including Car Part Pro and individual recycler websites) will be updated to Car-Part Interchange version 86.3. We will email you again when this is done.
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