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Enhanced Reporting in Checkmate 2020R6
With enhanced Vehicle Profitability and Hot Seller Reports, plus reports designed for Profit Team Consulting customers, the latest version of Checkmate makes it easier than ever to review the data you need. Run these reports to see what's working (or what's not) at your business, and make strategic decisions.
Man smiling and looking at the camera, while working on a laptop in a garage.
New Reports in Checkmate
Checkmate has a pile of new reports, so you can dig deep into your business data:
  • Business Analytics Report (Kunkel) – Provides key data for evaluating business performance. It’s designed for recyclers who work with Profit Team Consulting - but even if you don't, it's still useful if you just want to get a comprehensive view of your business.
  • Vehicle Analysis - Shows how vehicles are performing, and helps you determine which vehicles are ready to crush.
  • Hot Sellers - Analyzes part sales, identifies best-selling parts, and uncovers parts that need price adjustments.
  • Sales Commission - Calculates commissions for your salespeople.
  • Customer Sales - Reports overall customer activity, identifies lost customers, and highlights accounts with a high return rate.
  • Inventory - Reports on parts that were inventoried during a certain time period, with detail and summary views.
  • Invoice Line Item Detail - Provides details on posted invoices. Info includes invoice line items, net part information, PO information, and more.
  • Invoices by Customer - Shows sales activity by customer. Invoices are listed by account customer, with subtotals for each customer class.
  • Outstanding Cores - Reports outstanding cores due, including a salesperson summary.
  • Returned Cores - Reports on returned cores, including a salesperson summary.
  • Accounts Receivables Aging - Shows customer accounts by aging groups.
  • Unposted Invoices Open Work Orders - Reports unposted invoices and open work orders. 
  • Unpriced Parts - Inventory Report - Reports unpriced parts. Base the report on retail or wholesale. You can set a price threshold (to only include prices at or below it). 
  • Yard Statistics - Shows overhead information, number of employees, number of salespeople, total raw salary, inventory value, and grand totals.
Excel Reports
You'll notice that in the newest version of Checkmate, many reports are labeled as Excel. This means that these reports open in Microsoft Excel, and you're able to customize the reports for more precise reporting. You can also save your customized versions for easy repeat access. (Your future self will thank you.)
Favorites and Search Bar
We've added 2 new features to make it faster to find the reports you want:
  • Favorites - Click to highlight the star next to any report name. That report will be added to your Favorites section!
  • Search Bar - A new search bar at the top of the Reports tab helps you search for report names or keywords.
Screenshot of the Checkmate Reports interface, with the search bar, Favorites tab, and favorites stars highlighted
This update (with these new reports and features) is rolling out to eligible Checkmate customers now. When your system is ready to update, you'll see a notice in Checkmate.
Some reports require a software or package upgrade. To learn more, contact your salesperson directly, or call our main office at 859-344-1925.
Ready to get started with these new reports? We have several ways for you to learn more:
In the new search bar, you can search for the word "New" to get a quick list of all the reports that are new in this release!
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