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With Photomate, you can now
maintain your Price Book!
Photomate is like Checkmate's sidekick - this mobile app helps you do some basic inventory maintenance right from your smartphone. You can inventory parts, take pictures, review Resolution Parts, and do barcoding tasks. And now, you can also maintain your Price Book and update part prices!
Checkmate's Price Book is where you set the standard prices assigned to each interchange number, and it's important to review the Price Book from time to time, so you keep your prices up-to-date with the market. We recommend that you review prices seasonally (or even monthly for fast-moving parts like engines and transmissions).
Focus on a hand holding a smartphone, which is displaying the Photomate app's Price Book screen. Background is a warehouse full of parts on shelves.

Price Book Maint. Feature

With the new version of Photomate, you can quickly identify prices that haven't been updated in a while. Then, you'll be able to research pricing and update your Price Book (or just mark that it was reviewed). You can even update prices on existing inventory.
Here's how it works:
  1. On the home screen, tap PRICE BOOK MAINT. The Price Book Parts Selection screen opens.
  2. Enter search criteria (like the Last Priced date or Part Type), and tap Retrieve. Photomate searches your inventory, and lists interchange numbers that match your search and that you currently have inventoried in Checkmate.
  3. Tap any part to review and edit the Price Book information for that interchange number. To help, we've included plenty of information like Car-Part request data, your Price Book history, and Quantity on Hand. You can also quickly search CrashLink or Trading Partners to research current pricing!
  4. Edit the Price Book as necessary, and update. You can either:
    • Update Price Book - Update the Price Book and the Date Priced.
    • Update Date Priced Only - Use if the price is still good, and you just want to update the Date Priced, to show that it was reviewed.
    • Update PB and Inventory - Update the Price Book and Date Priced, and you have a chance to review/edit the prices on your inventoried parts.
You're done! Checkmate is updated with your changes, and you can move on to another part.
Animation showing the process described above.

Maintaining Prices throughout Photomate

The process above describes how you use the new PRICE BOOK MAINT. feature/button, but we've also incorporated Price Book maintenance throughout Photomate. You can now edit the Price Book while inventorying parts, auditing locations, and reviewing Resolution Parts.

Important: How to Update Photomate

You can download the newest version of Photomate from your app store, today; however, in order to have access to the features described here, you must:

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Don't have Photomate, but want to learn more about how it can help your yard? Contact your salesperson or call our main office at 859-344-1925.
You can now Add Images while you Move a Part in Photomate! Just click Add Images before you move it. You'll go to the same screen you're used to for adding images. After you take the pictures and hit the checkmark, you'll come back to the Move a Part screen. Images are sent to Checkmate when you hit MOVE.
A phone with Photomate on the screen, highlighting the "Add Images" button
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