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Car-Part Interchange Plus
for Pinnacle and Powerlink
We're excited to announce Car Part Interchange Plus Inventory in CrashLink!
This new set of Inventory tools in CrashLink is a powerful addition for Pinnacle and Powerlink users, giving you the competitive edge of Car-Part Interchange Plus (CPI+). CrashLink's Inventory tools identify valuable CPI+ parts in your inventory, and help you assign interchange to those parts on marketplaces (making those parts much more visible online).
Car-Part Interchange Plus Logo
CPI+ provides new and enhanced interchange for over 100 part types (including 2009+ Mitsubishi and 2015+ Mazda models). CPI+ parts include running boards, steering wheels, trim panels, rocker mouldings, air shutters, and trailer hitches. CrashLink's Inventory tools give you the opportunity to tap into the $250 million (USD)/year CPI+ opportunity in the marketplace.
Click the "play" button below to watch a video overview of these new features, or just keep reading this email.
Still image from video, with "Play" button

Here's how it works:

1. Identify Opportunities with Vehicle $ Tool
The Vehicle $ tool displays a list of vehicles in your inventory. These vehicles have parts for which CPI+ is available, but interchange still needs to be assigned. Use this list to prioritize your work by focusing on the most valuable vehicles first (i.e., the greatest sales opportunities). To begin working, choose a vehicle in the list and then click Analyze (to research OEM part information) or Resolve (to assign interchange to parts).
Screenshot of CrashLink's Vehicle $ tool, showing several Mitsubishi and Mazda vehicles, and quantity and price information for the parts on those vehicles.
2. Assign Interchange with Resolve Tool
The Resolve tool helps you assign CPI+ interchange to the parts you have inventoried and posted on When you look up a vehicle in the Resolve tool, you'll see a list of CPI+ parts on that vehicle. Select the CPI+ interchange option that is appropriate for your part, and that part will have interchange in marketplaces. Buyers can now easily find it!
Screenshot of CrashLink's Resolve tool, showing CPI+ interchange options and buttons that link them to parts
3. Research with Analyze Tool
The Analyze tool helps you research the CPI+ parts on the vehicle, whether or not you have that vehicle in inventory. It includes a list of all CPI+ parts available on the vehicle and the available interchange options. This tool also includes all of the information you're used to seeing in CrashLink (OEM list price history, diagrams, and applications).
With the Analyze tool, you can filter by minimum price and print a list of parts/information for your inventory team. You can also save a list of parts to revisit later.
If you're a Powerlink user, you can even enter R numbers to easily assign interchange here, instead of using the Resolve tool.
Screenshot of CrashLink's Analyz tool, show a list of CPI+ parts and their interchange options, along with a diagram of a Door Shell.
Car-Part Interchange Plus Inventory in CrashLink is all about finding opportunities for more frequent and profitable sales- and seizing those opportunities!
Ready to talk to someone directly about whether these new features will work for your business?
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In addition to providing CPI+ Inventory features, CrashLink is also a research tool that gives you list price history, labor time information, and part diagrams.
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