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Don't Switch to Windows 11, Yet 
On October 4, 2021, Microsoft is set to release Windows 11, a new version of their operating system. We recommend that you do not download or install this new version at this time.
You may have already received an email link about this from Microsoft. Here's an example (don't worry if you haven't received this email yet):
Screenshot of Windows 11 install notification, with picture of laptop
While a new version of Windows will offer some interesting features, it is up to smart business owners like yourself to find out whether this upgrade is the best option for your business.
At, we recommend that you do not sign up or install Windows 11 until we have finished testing full compatibility with our products. (We'll contact you when we have finished this testing.)
At this moment, our developers and testers are actively testing products and services to ensure this operating system can support our suite of software. Until we confirm that Windows 11 is compatible with our products, we ask that you do not install this version.
Our developers are currently testing these recycler products:

It is also important to note that not all computers will be capable of supporting a new Windows operating system. Click here to visit the Windows website, where you can find out from Microsoft if your computer will be able to support Windows 11.
We will contact you when we have finished testing Windows 11 with our software products.
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