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Emailing Statements in Checkmate
In Checkmate, you can now email statements! You no longer need to print and "snail mail" them.
To send email statements, you will:
  1. Make sure you're set up to send emails out of Checkmate Workstation.
  2. Build the statement file in Checkmate Retro.
  3. In Checkmate's Accounting Tool, you'll click Create Statements.
  4. Select which customers get Email statements and/or Print statements.
  5. Click Process Statements. Email statements will be emailed, and Print statements will print so you can mail them out.
That's it!
To help you get started, we have a video demo, a written guide, and an upcoming webinar.
Watch Short Demo Video
Register for Webinar - October 28
Read Checkmate Accounting User Guide
Video thumbnail with a "play" button on top.
If you need help with this feature, or any other, don't hesitate to contact your Checkmate Support rep at 859-344-1925.
Before you begin emailing statements, it's a good idea to:
  • allow your customers to opt-in to receive their statements via email (an easy approach is to include a mailer with their next "snail mail" statement)
  • instruct your customers to "whitelist" your email, so your statement doesn't go to spam



Checkmate Reports:

  • Vehicle Analysis Report (video): Use this report to look at how vehicles perform and determine which vehicles are ready to crush. This video demo is currently at the top of the list under "What's New" on this page.
  • Invoice Line Item Detail Report (video): This report shows the details of your posted invoices for a selected yard and date range. This video demo is currently the second item in the list under "What's New" on this page.
  • Inventory Report (video): This report shows parts remaining in stock today that were entered during a specific date range. This video demo is currently the third item in the list under "What's New" on this page.


  • Webinar Recording, "Car-Part Interchange Plus Inventory for Powerlink and Pinnacle, with CrashLink" (video): This webinar covers CrashLink's new inventory features for assigning interchange to CPI+ parts. A recording of this webinar is currently at the top of the list under "What's New" on this page.
Auto & Truck Recyclers of Illinois (ATRI) Convention & Trade Show with Missouri Auto & Truck Recyclers Association (MATRA)
October 29-30, 2021
Alton, IL
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  • "Online Selling - Ready or NOT!"
  • "Teamwork for Team Members"
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