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$martList Learning Checklist
$martList has now been released to all Advanced Partmate customers! $martList is a powerful new feature that answers questions like "Are there parts that the data says I should be inventorying, but I'm not?" and "Are there parts that I'm currently inventorying, that aren't as profitable as I thought?"
To do this, $martList uses your own sales statistics and inventory levels along with Car-Part demand data, list prices, labor data, and industry core offers to identify valuable parts you may not be aware of or have on your parts lists. $martList puts this info right on your parts list, so it's easily accessible while you're inventorying.
$martList even takes into consideration the differences between parts. For example, your inventory strategy for high-dollar parts is likely different than your strategy for low-dollar parts. (A 20% profit on a high-dollar part may be valuable, but a 20% profit on a low-value part might not be worth it to you.) Some parts are sold mostly to a local market, while some can be shipped nationwide. $martList can take all of this into account when determining which parts are valuable additions to your inventory.
An auto-recycler holding a tablet while looking under the hood of a Jeep
You can use $martList right "out of the box" with no customization, but it will work best for you if you take the time to customize the settings to your own business. To help you get the most out of $martList, check off each box on this checklist:
☑   Get Introduced
Watch our short Introduction to $martList video to get an overview of what this new feature can do for you.
☑    Review Settings
Start with the Manager's Quick Setup Guide to review the essential settings that make the biggest impact. If you want to dive deeper, check out the $martList Full Guide for an explanation of every setting.
☑    Understand $martlist Recommendations
After your settings are configured, you'll need to know how to interpret the recommendations that $martList makes while they're working. Review the Inventory Quick Start Guide (and share with anyone on your team who inventories vehicles). We also have a handy Desktop Guide designed to print out and have on hand as you work.
☑    Attend a Webinar
Our webinars are totally free for your whole team. If you're already used to using Partmate, and just want to get acquainted with the new $martList feature, then the the webinar What Should I Inventory? $martList for Partmate is for you. (If you can't make it to a live webinar, don't worry! We have a recording of a previous webinar here.)
☑    Talk to your Sales Rep
$martList requires a subscription to Advanced Partmate, but to take full advantage of the power of $martList analysis, we recommend that you also subscribe to Advanced Bidmate (for Car-Part request statistics), Car-Part Interchange Plus (for new and enhanced interchange for 100 part types), and CrashLink Labor Time Calculation (for precise processing cost calculations). Contact your sales rep to learn more.
If you use Checkmate to list parts on eBay, be sure to invoice every eBay sale in Checkmate (so you can't re-list sold parts!)
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Emailing Statements Made Easy in Checkmate!
  • Bidmate/Partmate New Features in 19.0.872 - Although $martList is the biggest new feature, we did recently release a handful of other improvements to Partmate and Bidmate. This guide explains. Find it here under What's New. 
  • Intro to $martList (video) - This is a 5-minute, high-level overview of what $martList is, how it works, and what it looks like in Partmate. Watch it here
  • $martList Desktop Guide: Labels - This is a 1-page list of the $martList results/labels and their meaning. It's designed to print out and keep near a user's workstation. Find it here under What's New.
  • $martList Manager's Quick Setup Guide - This guide is intended for managers, and gives the quickest way to get started using $martList. Find it here under What's New.
  • $martList Inventory Quick Start Guide - This guide was designed for those who handle inventory (after the manager has gone through the Manager's Quick Setup Guide). Find it here under What's New. 
  • $martList Full Guide/Settings - This guide covers the $martList workflow and all $martList customization settings. Find it here under What's New. 
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