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The Car-Part Scoop
It's important to review your
Resolution Parts!
We thought it'd be a good time of year to remind you about some of the most important resolutions at your business - Resolution Parts, that is!
In Checkmate, a "Resolution Part" (or "part in resolution") is one that needs interchange assigned. If you don't review and resolve the interchange for these parts, big problems occur:
  • The parts don't show up in online search results.
  • Your evaluation data is skewed in Bidmate.
  • Your $martList results are less accurate.
Smiling man working on a desktop computer, using Checkmate software.
You get Resolution Parts for several different reasons. Just 2 examples:
  • If you recently upgraded to Car-Part Interchange Plus, you'll have a lot of Resolution Parts because you now have interchange for so many more parts!
  • If you have a part that was inventoried with interchange, but then a new interchange release comes out with additional interchange options for that part, your part will be put in resolution so you can review and confirm the correct interchange.
Luckily, Resolution Parts are easy to identify. In Checkmate Sales Pro and Checkmate Inventory, the parts are colored yellow.
If you haven't reviewed your Resolution Parts lately, don't worry! We have a couple videos to walk you through the process in Checkmate and Photomate. Just click a video to watch:
And if you prefer a written guide, you can find that on this page under "What's New."
You'll need a username/password to access this guide. If you don't already have one, contact your support rep for help or call us at 859-344-1925.


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