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Vehicle Run History in Bidmate
Here's a feature that's been in Bidmate for a while now, but it's easy to miss if you don't know about it!
Bidmate is the salvage buying tool from that helps you evaluate auctions.
When a vehicle has been run multiple times in an auction, Bidmate alerts you and makes it easy to view more information about the previous listings (including photos).
On the Vehicles screen, the Runs column shows the number of times a vehicle has run at an auction. (This feature is available only for auctions imported with the automatic Download and Import method).
  • Rerun: (Yellow) If a vehicle has been listed multiple times but only the auction date has changed (and auction site, location, and unit number all stayed the same), Bidmate classifies this as a Rerun and displays the vehicle's number of Runs in yellow.
  • Relist: (Red) If a vehicle has been listed multiple times, and either the auction site, location, or unit number has changed on at least one of the listings, Bidmate classifies this as a Relist and displays the vehicle's number of Runs in red.
To see more information about a vehicle's auction runs, double-click the number in the Runs column.
  • If this is the vehicle's first run, the auction listing opens in your internet browser.
  • If the vehicle has been Rerun or Relisted, the Pool Run History window opens.
From here you can:
  • Click the VIN to search for the VIN online.
  • Click the Unit Number to see the listing page from that run on the auction's website.
  • Click the Img icon to see vehicle images from that run. (You can open more than one image window to compare images from multiple listings.)
Note: Auction websites may remove Unit Number and/or Img information for older listings. Img information is often available longer than the listing page itself.

Run Indicator on the Evaluate Parts Screen

On the Evaluate Parts screen, if the currently displayed vehicle has been rerun or relisted, an indicator will flash in the lower right (yellow for Reruns, and red for Relists).
Click the indicator to open the Pool Run History window.

Refreshing Auction Data and History After Importing an Auction File

There is a setting in Bidmate that will refresh an auction and its history right when you import it from a .bms auction file. Go to Edit>Recycler Options>Pool Parts tab, and look for the Refresh auction and history after importing auction file setting. This updates the auction in Bidmate with new vehicles, changes to existing vehicles, and vehicles' run history. 
For more information about these features, click the button below and look for this guide:
Bidmate New Features in Update 18.0.8522.200
(Rerun/relisted auctions)
Click here for Bidmate Training
  • Quick Tip Video: VIN Decode - Reorder Vehicle Details - Learn how to decode a VIN in Partmate and reorder the list of vehicle details.
    Watch it here.


  • Video: Setting Part Photos as Primary or Private - Learn how to specify which image should be the main thumbnail in online part listings (primary), and how to keep images from being uploaded to online part listings (private).
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