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eBay: Must be ARA CAR Certified
to Sell Airbags
Have you heard? In order to sell airbags on eBay, you will soon need to be CAR certified. We talked to eBay and ARA for information.
Information from eBay:
"eBay Motors now requires that all sellers of airbags or airbag related components be an Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Certified Auto Recycler™ (CAR) with a Recall Procedure in place.
CAR Certification is required in order to sell airbags and airbag related components (like airbag modules and clock springs). Even if you were previously vetted to sell airbags on eBay, you must now be a member of ARA, and CAR certified, in order to continue listing these parts after February 1st.
After February 1st, eBay may begin removing listings of airbags and airbag related components (like airbag modules and clock springs) from sellers who are not in the process of becoming CAR certified.
Sellers who are not CAR certified may be subject to suspension for listing airbags and airbag related parts (per eBay policy)."
Information from ARA:
To sell airbags and airbag related components on eBay, you must:
1. Be an ARA member. To help you get started, ARA is offering a discounted Introductory Rate (first year only for new members participating in the eBay program). Click here for the eBay Special Rate Application.

2. Be CAR certified. This approved certification, along with ARA membership, will allow you to list air bags and supplemental restraint components on eBay. For more guidance or information, visit the ARA Certification website.

Once you are complete and meet the requirements, ARA will be rebating some of the membership and certification fees per the agreement with eBay. 
For more information or help with the application process, please reach out to ARA.
February 3-4, 2023
Englewood, CO
Theresa Colbert moderating: "Recyclers Roundtable Discussion"
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