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Checkmate's New Version Drives Online Sales
The latest version of Checkmate is designed to increase sales of your parts in online marketplaces, especially to the collision repair industry.
Checkmate 2023R1 (build 94) was released earlier this year, and it's designed to help you sell more parts. You may have already received this update, which includes powerful new tools to help maintain your inventory, such as Views and audits.
If you use Checkmate but you have not yet updated, now's the time! (Click here to begin.)  Here's why: Checkmate's improvements and features are designed to help drive sales of your parts on and Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro).
An auto recycler looking at the camera, standing in front of an open hood.
These online marketplaces advertise your parts not only to retail customers, but also to insurance appraisers, body shops, and other recyclers. These customers (and the software they use to source parts), require clear descriptions and accurate part grading. Accurate inventory information has always been important, but it becomes more important all the time as crucial new features are added to the marketplace.
Shoppers aren't just reading your descriptions - they're also sorting and filtering by details like part condition. There are also features that help shoppers match component parts from an estimate to entire recycled assemblies. This intelligence makes it easy for shops and insurance companies to buy recycled parts, and that's the primary reason that iPro marketplace parts buyers in North America increase their recycled part utilization by 80% after using iPro (based on 2022 data).
In order for shoppers to find your parts when using these features (component-to-assembly matching, filtering, etc.), it's essential that your inventory data is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. We need to be confident that your inventory information is accurate, and that assemblies are complete. That's the purpose and the goal of many of the new features: to help you improve your inventory data and better prepare your parts to thrive in the marketplace.
Checkmate users: If you are not yet on the latest version of Checkmate, but you would like to be, click this button to learn more and begin the process of upgrading:
Upgrade to the Latest Checkmate
Other big reasons to upgrade:
  • eBay Business Policies integration (an essential part of selling airbags on eBay)
  • New Sales, Management, and Inventory reports

If you don't use Checkmate but would like to learn more, please contact your salesperson for a free demo.
2023 Team PRP Annual Conference
August 18-19
Denver, CO
Booth #8
Theresa Colbert Speaking, "Data Tiering, Brokering, and Duplicate Accounts"
Texas Automotive Recyclers Association (TARA) Trade Show and Convention
September 8-9, 2023
Kemah, TX
Booth #6
Greg Green Speaking: "Photomate & Checkmate Inventory Pro"
Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA) Annual General Meeting & Convention
September, 15-16
Calgary, AB
Tim Schneider Speaking
The Association of Auto Parts Recyclers (ARPAC) Congrès
September 15-16
Bromont, QC
Auto Recyclers Northeast (ARNE) Summit & Expo 2023
September 21-23
Albany, NY
Theresa Colbert Speaking: "Teach Them Right the First Time"
Theresa Colbert Moderating: "Data & Inventory"
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