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New Features in Photomate 4.0
Photomate is the mobile app for Checkmate users. In version 4.0, we released powerful new imaging and editing features. Here are the highlights: 
  • Part Photos
    • Take multiple images at one time to speed up the imaging process.
    • Edit part photos so your online part listings are more robust, with images that show the condition of the part more clearly.
Hand holding a phone editing an image of a car.
  • Edit a Part - Ever needed to edit some part information, but you weren't at your computer? Now you can edit a part on-the-go in Photomate! 
  • Bulk Edit - Move or delete multiple parts at one time! 
Mobile phone displaying Photomate home screen with new function buttons highlighted.

Learn More

Click the thumbnail to watch a video about how to use the new features: 
Preview image of Photomate New Features video
To read more about these new features, click the button below. Look for this link:
Photomate 4.0 New Features Guide
Read the Guide

Activating New Features

If you already have Photomate: you must update your Photomate app and have Checkmate build 94 or higher, to use these features. If you have Photomate, but you can't access these features, click the button below to begin the upgrade process:
Start the Checkmate Upgrade Process

Don't Have Photomate Yet? 

If you're not using Photomate yet: be sure to talk to your salesperson. Photomate is a game changer: it puts essential Checkmate inventory tools at your fingertips saving you time and greatly increasing your productivity. 
Find Your Salesperson
Texas Automotive Recyclers Association (TARA) Trade Show and Convention
September 8-9, 2023
Kemah, TX
Booth #6
Car-Part Speaker:
  • Greg Green: Photomate & Checkmate Inventory Pro
Alberta Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers Association (AARDA) Annual General Meeting & Convention
September 15-16, 2023
Calgary, AB
Car-Part Speaker:
  • Tim Schneider
The Association of Auto Parts Recyclers (ARPAC) Congrès
September 15-16, 2023
Bromont, QC
Auto Recyclers Northeast (ARNE) Summit & Expo 2023
September 21-23, 2023
Albany, NY
Car-Part Speaker:
  • Theresa Colbert: Teach Them Right the First Time
  • Theresa Colbert: Data & Inventory
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