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Relist to Refresh eBay Listings with Checkmate
Items that have been listed on eBay for a long time often have poor visibility in search results. The latest version of Checkmate has a new feature that lets you easily refresh your stagnant listings so they appear like brand new listings in search results. In one easy process, this feature de-lists the item, changes the eBay ID of the item (but leaves all other information the same), and then relists the item. The result is a refreshed part listing that is treated like a new part listing in eBay search results.
To refresh stagnant listings, you can now use Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay's eBay - Relist tab. On this tab, you simply:
  1. Select a date range for your older listings,
  2. Select your listings from that date range,
  3. Click to refresh! 
Screenshot of Checkmate's eBay-Relist tab
The parts are relisted to eBay, with new eBay IDs. And with newer eBay IDs, the parts are more likely to appear in eBay searches!
Want to learn more about relisting to eBay with Checkmate? Click the thumbnail below to check out our video, Relist Stagnant Listings, which walks through this new feature!
Video thumbnail of Checkmate training video
This new feature was released to Checkmate earlier this year. You may have already upgraded and may already have this new feature.
Checkmate users: If you don't have this feature yet, you can start upgrading today to get the new relist enhancement! Click the button below to get started.
Begin the Upgrading Process
If you don't use Checkmate but would like to learn more, please contact your salesperson for a free demo
Later this week, marketplaces (including Car Part Pro and individual recycler websites) will be updated to Car-Part Interchange version 89.1. We will email you again when this is done.
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