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Have you checked out Checkmate Reports lately? We recently added new Sales reports to Checkmate Reports! These are all in an Excel format that make it easy to drill down to specific information, and interact with your data in meaningful ways.
New Sales Reports!
Logo for Checkmate Reports

Salesperson Performance Report - Now in Excel Format!

There's a new Excel version of the Salesperson Performance Report. This is similar to the existing Crystal report by the same name, but the new Excel version provides sorting and filtering that empowers you to extract actionable insights from your sales data. 
This report shows sales information including parts sold, quotes, purchase orders, and work orders for the selected yard and date range. Close rates, subtotals, and KPIs for salespeople are also shown.
GIF showing Salesperson Performance Report in Excel

Review Daily Sales Goals with the Salesperson Analytics Report (Kunkel)

Another tool for supercharging your sales efforts, this new Excel report is designed for recyclers who use Profit Team Consulting (but anyone can use it).
This report even includes a Daily Goals section, where you can enter customized sales goals for each salesperson (which are then compared to each person's current sales averages with real-time calculations). 
Daily Goals section of the Salesperson Performance Report

Advanced PO Report

This new Excel report is similar to the existing Crystal report of the same name but the Excel format lets you interact with the data and customize what info displays on the report. For example, it's simple to filter the report to show only purchase orders for a certain salesperson, or with a certain PO status. 
This report shows purchase orders created for the selected yard and date range. It shows purchase order information, item status, and the net profit amount, percentage, and markup. 
GIF showing Advanced PO Report

Paid Out Report

Use the new Paid Out Report to review cash payouts at the end of the day. This is everything that was entered in the Pay Out Cash function in Checkmate Retro for the selected yard and date range. (Unposted cash payouts are not included.)
Image showing Paid Out Report

Find All New Reports

Beside the reports in this email, there are also new reports on the Inventory, Management, and Round Table tabs. Easily see all of the new reports by opening Checkmate Reports, and searching for "NEW" in the search bar. This brings up every report that's new. And make sure you keep an eye out for other emails about new reports!
Software screenshot showing a search for "New" in the Checkmate Reports search bar.

Learn More

To access these new reports, you must be on Checkmate version 2023R1 (Build 94) or higher.
  • If you're on the latest version of Checkmate, and you have these new reports, click here to visit our training library and learn more about how to use them. 
  • If you're on the latest version of Checkmate, but you don't see these new reports, talk to your salesperson about upgrading your reports package. 
  • If you aren't on the latest version of Checkmate (or you're not sure), you're missing out! Contact your Checkmate Support tech directly for help upgrading (or call our main office at 859-344-1925).
  • If you don't have Checkmate but you'd like to learn more about Checkmate Reports and other great features for your business, contact your salesperson for a free demo
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