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Views in Checkmate Inventory Pro
Streamline Your Workflow
Checkmate Inventory Pro is designed to help you maintain your inventory. In Inventory Pro, you can edit inventory info, enter loose parts, assign interchange, and much more.
With Inventory Pro's new Views feature, you can do all of these things faster and easier, because with Views you can quickly rearrange your Inventory Pro screen for the task at hand.
Views are saved screen layouts/configurations. When you select a View, the configuration of the search fields and information columns will change according to that View.
We've included useful preset, or "Canned" Views – for example, there’s a dedicated View for dismantling, a View for identifying overpriced parts, and Views for focusing on part grading audits. Each preset View arranges your Inventory Pro screen to suit these specific tasks. You can also make and save your own custom Views!
Screenshot of Checkmate Inventory Pro's "INCOMPLETE" View
To use a View, you just select it, fill our your search criteria, and then hit the magnifying glass button to search.
This feature is easier to understand when you can see it "in action" - so we encourage you to watch this video for more information on what Views are, and how to use them to make your workday more efficient:
Video thumbnail of Checkmate training video
Checkmate users: If you don't have this feature yet, contact your support tech to get the latest version of Checkmate! Or, call our main office at 859-344-1925.
If you don't use Checkmate but would like to learn more, please contact your salesperson for a free demo. 
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