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Be Seen on eBay!
Full Support for Item Specifics in Checkmate
(and more)

We've been making Checkmate's Listing Manager for eBay a more powerful tool, giving Checkmate recyclers a competitive edge on the eBay marketplace. We want to show you how these upgrades are designed to help you sell more parts online!
Here are the highlights:
eBay Item Specifics are Fully Supported
You can now assign all eBay Item Specifics to a part. Checkmate shows you which Item Specifics are Required by eBay, but Checkmate also tells you which additional Item Specifics are recommended for maximum searchability (and provides Search Count data). This info helps prioritize the Item Specifics that will help your listings perform well on eBay! (You can see more about how it works in this video.)
Screenshot of an Item Specifics window in Checkmate's eBay tool

Lightning Meter Displays Searchability
In the Item Specifics window, Checkmate shows you how searchable your listing will be, based on the Item Specifics you've filled out. The new lightning meter changes color:
Lightning meter from Checkmate's eBay tool
  • Red: Can't be listed - REQUIRED Item Specifics are missing.
  • Yellow: All REQUIRED Item Specifics are filled out, but there are still some RECOMMENDED ones that are missing. The part can be listed, but it will have low visibility.
  • Blue: Great! All REQUIRED and RECOMMENDED Item Specifics are there. This part is easy to search and find on eBay!
eBay Business Policies Fully Supported
eBay Business Policies are your eBay store's policies for shipping, payments, and returns. You can create a default set of Business Policies for all part types, and also Business Policies for specific part types (for example, this is useful if you have a separate shipping policy for engines). You can now set up Business Policies, and map them to your parts directly within Checkmate!
Here's where Business Policies display in an eBay listing:
Screenshot of Business Policies  on a live eBay listing
(To assign Business Policies in Checkmate, you'll first need to set up Business Policies in eBay. This video walks through the whole process!)
Refresh Listings with Relist Feature
The Relist feature helps you quickly find your older listings and relist them for better search ranking results.
eBay - Relist tab in Checkmate
With eBay's algorithm, the longer a listing sits on eBay, the fewer searches it will appear in. But that no longer has to be a problem for Checkmate recyclers! Checkmate's eBay - Relist tab "refreshes" listings-- it automatically delists the parts, changes the eBay ID for the item, and creates a new, identical listing. You can refresh many listings at once! (You can see it in action, in this video.) Demand Data Helps You Find Parts that Sell
If you subscribe to Demand Data, you can use our eBay tool to find parts that sell frequently outside your local market. When you search for parts in your inventory to send to eBay, you can view local, regional, and global request data for each of the parts*. Compare that info to the Request data from your own business, and see which parts are selling better in larger markets! Demand Data columns in Checkmate's eBay tool
*This data is based on part requests on marketplaces, not eBay.
Checkmate Inventory and eBay Listings Stay Synced
As always, when a part is sold on your eBay store, it is automatically marked as sold in Checkmate. And parts sold with Checkmate are automatically delisted from eBay. 
Arrows pointing from Checkmate tp eBay, and from eBay to Checkmate
If you don't use Checkmate but would like to learn more, please contact your salesperson for a free demo
If you subscribe to Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay but you don't see all these features, you may need to update your Checkmate system. Contact your Checkmate support tech directly (or call our main office at 859-344-1925) for help updating to the latest version.
If you already see these features in your system, check out these videos for more information about how to use them:
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