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    There are several Checkmate versions, so you can work with your Checkmate rep to choose the right Checkmate for your business. This page discusses our most popular options, available with Internet Checkmate (ICM). Contact your salesperson for details and assistance. Some tools require an additional charge. Click here to compare versions.

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    Checkmate Sales Pro
    Checkmate Sales Pro is the completely redesigned, modern and intuitive interface for Checkmate's Find and Sell process. It was designed with speed in mind. Confirm in a glance that your customer is in good standing, thanks to the "thumbs up" icon on the search screen. Find and sell an unlimited number of parts at one time. See part images alongside your search results. Navigate through your workflow with your mouse or with your keyboard - however you feel comfortable.

    Everything is faster and easier with Sales Pro! From the main screen, you can:

    • Search for the customer before you search for the part
    • See quick, at-a-glance information about the customer's order and payment history, along with open quotes, returns, and credits
    • Easily search for multiple parts at once - search by part name, part code, or OEM number
    • Research your quotes, work orders, purchase orders, invoices, and more
    • Switch between tasks in a snap

    From your search results, you can:

    • Totally customize your screen to show the information you want with each part - there are trillions of different ways your information can be displayed (and that is not an exaggeration.)
    • Quickly view the sales history for a particular part and interchange
    • View part and vehicle images for each result, and easily email images to customers
    • Easily sell multiple parts at once
    • View Car-Part Exchange parts in your results, so you can work with brokered parts as easily as inventoried parts
    • View Car-Part Request Data (Advanced Bidmate subscribers only)
    • View the core value of a part, and include this core value on the invoice (Advanced Bidmate subscribers only)
    • Create quotes, work orders, invoices, credits, and returns with just one click or keystroke
    • Automatically create purchase orders as you work, and print or easily email them
    • Email invoices with barcodes
    • Edit parts right from your search results, to keep your inventory clean and accurate
    • Launch a Trading Partners search to find or Price your parts
    • View pricing suggestions based on your sales history - Checkmate will analyze the history of the part and suggest when it's time to push a sale
    • Add unlimited private part notes - your inventory crew and sales team stay in communication with time-stamped notes on each part
    (Do you already have Checkmate Sales Pro and want to learn more? Check out the Checkmate Sales Pro Basics class in our Checkmate Training Library.)

    Checkmate Retro
    The traditional version of Checkmate is still available, now it's called Checkmate Retro. You can even have Checkmate Retro and Checkmate Sales Pro at work on the same machine! Each user can use Checkmate the way they like best. Checkmate Retro is a character-based system, which means you type the commands with your keyboard instead of using your mouse. Many recyclers prefer this method!

    Checkmate Workstation gives you access to many Checkmate and Car-Part tools from within one program, and these tools help you increase sales and improve your business's efficiency. Checkmate Workstation is free with Internet Checkmate, but some of the tools require an additional charge.

    The Checkmate Workstation Dashboard gives you a real-time overview of your business, with up to 24 "gadgets" that display charts and graphs with essential information about sales, inventory, employees, and more. These gadgets can calculate your business information for today, a day in the past, or for a specific time span. Click to learn more.

    Checkmate Imaging allows you to easily add images to your parts and vehicles. These images can then be viewed in Checkmate or uploaded online to, Car-Part Pro, Trading Partners, your own website, and eBay. When you can see a picture of a part or vehicle, you can make more informed decisions when deciding between similar parts. Imaging increases employee productivity by enabling them to more accurately select which part to pull. Click to learn more.

    eBay (Checkmate Listing Manager) eBay (Checkmate Listing Manager)
    Our Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay tool allows you to list many parts on eBay at once, with just the click of a button. eBay gives you the opportunity to sell parts that may not sell frequently in your yard. It's fast and easy because our eBay tool automatically pulls detailed information and images from Checkmate and creates the listing for you! Click to learn more.

    Accounting Details
    The Accounting feature in Checkmate provides you with the ability to look up customer accounts and retrieve invoices. With this feature, you can also make payments and issue credits towards those customers. Click to learn more.

    Checkmate Reports dramatically increase your ability to access all data that is stored in your Checkmate inventory management system. These reports allow you to view your business in a comprehensive way that helps you make better business decisions and manage more effectively. Click to learn more.

    Advanced Management Reports
    Take your profits to the next level! Advanced Management Reports is an upgrade to the standard Checkmate Reports (the upgrade is free for ICM Classic users). These are additional reports that help you unlock even more enhanced information to enable you to streamline your business, get the most out of your market and advertising dollar, and structure your buying to take full advantage of market demand. Click to learn more.

    CrashLink, Bidmate, Partmate, Order Trakker, and Photomate
    Easily open these other valuable Car-Part Products from or within Checkmate Workstation! Click to learn more.

    Integrations with Third-Party Software

    UPS WorldShip™ Integration
    UPS Worldship simplifies shipping for recyclers with high-volume shipping needs. WorldShip gives access to the complete range of UPS services, and streamlines your processes by connecting to Order Trakker, accounting systems, process packaging, and freight shipments, as well as displaying negotiated rates and tracking your shipments with email notifications.

    EZ-Route Integration
    EZ Route imports and plans your deliveries from Checkmate, telling you the most efficient way to make your deliveries. (EZ-Route software is not created by Visit the EZ-Route website to learn more about it.) It tracks your drivers' progress throughout the day to make sure they are delivering according to plan. You can tell your customers when to expect a delivery, and your driver can get turn-by-turn directions on a tablet. Calculate your delivery sales, save fuel costs, see your drivers' status in real time (and let your customers know when to expect a delivery), and more!

    More Related Car-Part Products

    Car-Part Exchange
    Car-Part Exchange is a parts-locating solution internal to Checkmate, which means you never have to leave your Checkmate program to find the parts you need. Car-Part Exchange provides you with immediate access to the inventories of the yards you frequently do business with.

    Real Time Barcoding works with Checkmate to wirelessly scan and move your parts to different locations at your salvage yard, and to audit those parts to ensure the most accurate inventory at all times. You can generate reports to show which parts have been scanned, which were moved, who moved them, and what parts are missing from your inventory.

    Recycler Executive Roundtables
    The Recycler Executive Roundtables are peer support groups that provide a forum for participants to share ideas and solve common problems in a confidential environment. These groups, facilitated by Car-Part, help you share ideas and solve common problems with non-competing recycling facility managers and owners.

    Car-Part Interchange Plus
    Car-Part Interchange Plus is an interchange enhancement option that provides interchange for many additional part types that did not previously have interchange, like rocker moulding and glove boxes. Car-Part Interchange Plus helps you accurately inventory these parts, and makes them easier to sell. You can be sure you are inventorying these miscellaneous parts correctly – and with the Car-Part Interchange Plus integration with Car-Part Pro, your collision repair customers will appreciate knowing that you have exactly the part they need. Car-Part Interchange Plus is available exclusively to Checkmate customers, and integrates with several other Car-Part products.

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CrashLink - Best-in-class OE info tool with integrated CPI+ and OEM interchange

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