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Webinar Registration

Choose a day below and click Register to reserve your spot! Space is limited for each session.

All sessions are listed in Eastern Time.

The New Photomate 3.0
This webinar will last about 2 hours. We'll show you the exciting new features that we released to Photomate just last week:
  • Enter loose parts to inventory from Photomate (Inventory a Part button)
  • Look up parts without tags for imaging

Plus, we'll review these popular features:
  • Assign parts to Photomate, from the app itself or from Checkmate Sales Pro
  • Take photos of parts and vehicles (Add Image to Part button)
  • Move parts and vehicles with Photomate's built-in barcode tag scanner (Move a Part button)
  • Audit locations to ensure your part location information is accurate in Checkmate (Audit a Location button)
  • Checkmate Dashboard's Photomate Activity gadget

RegisterTuesday, November 27  •  11:30am - 1:30pm Eastern

Partmate: For Beginning Users
We have tons of information to share in this webinar, so it will run about 2 hours.
Topics include:

  • Inventorying parts on a vehicle, and entering loose parts
  • Creating the AUT (and AUT vs VUC)
  • Adding Part and Vehicle Images (including downloading from IAA/Copart)
  • Overview of Options and Parts Tabs
  • Inventorying, pricing, and grading parts
  • "Show Parts" mode
  • Exporting to Checkmate
  • Adding Vehicles with a VIN less than 17 digits
  • Editing the Options Tab

RegisterThursday, November 29  •  11:30am - 1:30pm Eastern

Partmate: For Intermediate Users
We have tons of information to share in this webinar, so it will run about 2 hours.
Topics include:

  • Creating Parts Lists
  • Creating Dismantling Reports and Unresolved Inventory Reports
  • Partmate Settings (activating Fast Add, creating Price Book Multipliers, etc.)
  • Partmate Review (feature only available to Advanced Partmate users)
  • Pulling vehicles back in from Checkmate (Pull from CM)
  • Editing the AUT
  • New inventory statistics filters
  • Adding multiple quantity parts
  • Car-Part statistics and core pricing in Bidmate (feature only available to Advanced Bidmate users)

RegisterTuesday, December 11  •  11:30am - 1:30pm Eastern