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Friday Evening Training Reception

Friday, August 4, 2017

This reception is FREE to registered participants of Saturday's class. Join us for a snack, a soda, and the opportunity to sit down and talk to one of our trainers one-on-one. You can ask us anything you want about a product you have, or a product you're thinking about. This is a great way to brush up on Checkmate Sales Pro, ask about our Reports, or pick our trainer's brains about any other topic you want advice on.

Saturday Morning Sessions

Customer Setup (8:00am-8:30am)
We strongly encourage you to bring your Windows laptop with you to class. You do not need to have any of our software installed on your laptop to participate - during this half hour, we will connect participants' computers to our simulation environment, giving you access to the software products we will discuss today.

Checkmate Sales Pro (Basics & Advanced)
We have just released a major new update to Checkmate Sales Pro. We're excited to show you what's new! In this session, we will review the Checkmate Sales Pro workflow and then take a deep dive into the latest enhancements. You'll learn the fastest and easiest ways to search for parts, and all of the information and options available at your fingertips while you're selecting your interchange options. In your search results, we'll show you how take advantage of the huge amount of information you have access to (and how to hide what you don't want to see). We'll also show you how to limit/filter your search results by attributes like grade, keywords, year range, and much more. We'll talk about the different types of sales you can make and all of the resources available to help you price parts. We'll show you all of the options available from your search results including tag printing, pick slips, and view part/vehicle history.

We'll also talk about the process of Quoting, creating Work Orders, and creating Purchase orders, and all of the powerful and new enhancements available during these processes.

Finally, we'll show you all of the new features we've added to the Checkmate Accounting tool to make it easier than ever to look up customers, link invoices, make back office payments and credits, and copy information to Excel.

There is a restaurant available on-site, plus several other restaurants within walking distance.

Saturday Afternoon Sessions

We'll talk about the inventory processes in both Partmate and Checkmate Sales Pro.

We'll start with Partmate. Partmate makes the process of inventorying new vehicles quicker, easier, and simpler than ever before. It's designed to work on a tablet, so you can bring it into the yard with you. We'll talk about Partmate's direct connection with Bidmate and Checkmate. Partmate expedites the inventory process by filling out many part descriptions for you and by making it a snap to take photos that you can include in your online parts listings. If you've been using Partmate for a while, you'll be excited to learn about some of our latest enhancements (inspired by requests and feedback from recyclers who use it every day).

Then, we'll talk about the inventory management features in Checkmate Sales Pro. We'll talk about the recent enhancements to the Bulk Editing feature to help you edit even more part information on many parts at once. We'll also talk about how to edit parts, AUTs, and VUCs, and how to remove a part from inventory.

Checkmate Reports & Dashboard
Checkmate Reports and Dashboard unlock your Checkmate data. Checkmate Reports dramatically increase your ability to access all data that is stored in your Checkmate inventory management system. These reports allow you to view your business in a comprehensive way that helps you make better business decisions and manage more effectively. Dashboard gives you a real-time overview of your business throughout the day, with dozens of charts and graphs that show you about sales, inventory, employees, and more.

With Checkmate Reports and Dashboard, you easily unlock information like "what parts do I need to reprice?" "how many parts did Joe sell last week?" and "how much have I made from the vehicles I bought last month?"

Core Pricing & Coremate
Coremate and Core Pricing help you find the information you need to boost core sales! If you're not already selling cores, we recommend that you reconsider. Cores are a great way to get the most value out of every vehicle you recycle. Core Pricing helps you make better business decisions during the dismantling process, by helping you search for parts and compare current core prices from multiple core buyers. Then, you can print a report of the parts you're selling as cores to simplify the dismantling process. Core Pricing is even available as a mobile app!

Coremate generates more small parts revenue by making it easy for core buyers to buy from you. When you subscribe to Coremate, your parts show when core buyers like Phoenix Cores and Knopf search for parts.

Mobile Apps
With Photomate, our new mobile imaging app, you can take photos of parts from your mobile device and send them right back to Checkmate (where they'll then be included in your next inventory upload to marketplaces). And it's super easy to assign parts to Photomate with the new Save/Load Filters settings, which lets you save your Parts tab filter settings to use over and over. We can't wait to show you how our tools work together to make your workday more efficient and productive.

We'll also discuss the Core Pricing app, MyPartsApp (a custom mobile app for your business), and the and Car-Part Pro mobile apps (including how to make sure your parts show up on these mobile searches).

eBay/Car-Part Interchange Plus
Checkmate Listing Manager for eBay makes it fast and easy to list many of your parts at once on eBay. Discover how you can begin making additional profit by selling parts on eBay that you rarely sell over the counter or to professional buyers. It's fast and easy because our eBay tool automatically pulls detailed information and images from Checkmate and creates the listing for you! In this session, we'll discuss how to create a custom template for your listings, and the most efficient ways to decide which parts to list on eBay - and then list them!

We'll also talk about Car-Part Interchange Plus and how it enhances your eBay listings. This interchange enhancement option provides interchange for many miscellaneous part types that did not previously have interchange, like rocker moulding and glove boxes. Car-Part Interchange Plus helps you accurately inventory these parts, and makes them easier to sell. This is the perfect complement to eBay, where many recyclers find extra sales by listing these miscellaneous parts.

Classes end at 5:00pm.

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