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Start HereNew to Checkmate?
New to Checkmate - Part 1 (21:20)
New to Checkmate - Part 2 (39:58)
New to Checkmate - Part 3 (1:01:30)
ARA™ Standards and Part Grading Codes (hosted by ARA)
ARA™ Damage Locator Sheet (hosted by ARA)
Common Checkmate Part Codes
Checkmate Sales ProCheckmate Sales Pro
Tutorials / Videos

Webinar: New Employee Training: Basic Checkmate Sales Pro (recorded May 2021) (1:07:22)
Webinar: New Employee Training: Advanced Checkmate Sales Pro (recorded March 2021) (1:37:38)
Webinar: How to Sell More Tires with Checkmate (recorded November 2020) (1:03:36)
Find Tab
Saved Advanced Part Search (2:23)
Researching Parts Using the Last 6 Digits of VIN (0:56)
Research Parts using the "Wildcard" Method (0:42)
Last Search Button (0:59)
Search for Parts by Stock Number (0:41)
Enhanced Part Search (0:51)
Enhanced Customer Search (0:44)
Interchange Tab
Add, Edit, and Remove Interchange Notes (0:49)
Submitting Interchange Contributions (1:28)
Parts Tab
How to Review Resolution Parts in Sales Pro (4:07)
View/Copy Part History (1:31)
Clearing Filters (0:37)
Add Multiple Parts to the Tag Queue at Once (1:05)
Save/Load Custom Filter Settings (2:08)
Checked Column/Date of Last Edit (0:25)
Display Default Columns in Search Results (0:33)
View a Part's Editing History (0:20)
View a Part's Request History (0:20)
Print Part Tags (1:06)
View AUT Information using the Vehicle Button (0:17)
Bulk Parts Editing (0:58)
Enhanced Workflow for Extra Sale and Exchange Sale Parts (0:37)
Show Related STOCK Images in Image Viewer (0:37)
Select All Parts in Search Results (0:25)
Filtering Results by Stock Number (0:48)
Customizing the Parts tab (0:49)
Quotes Tab
Add and Edit Cores on Quotes (1:17)
Putting Parts on Hold (1:36)
How to Insert Logos on Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (1:37)
WO/Invoice Tab
Work Orders: Standard vs. Production (2:48)
How to Turn On Production Work Orders (1:35)
Truck Delivery Route on Work Order (1:28)
Change Parts on Work Orders (0:33)
How to Insert Logos on Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (1:37)
Do you have the latest software and interchange? (1:07)
How to Review Resolution Parts in Checkmate (4:58)
What Does a VUC Do? (3:39)
Linking one Billing to Multiple Shipping Accounts (2:55)
Customer Account Comments and Notes (1:13)
How to Insert Logos on Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (1:37)
Checkmate WorkstationCheckmate Workstation
ReportsReports DashboardDashboard
Retro and MiscellaneousRetro & Miscellaneous

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