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Real Time Barcoding
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Real Time Barcoding:
Real Time Barcoding is an add-on system that works with Checkmate® to wirelessly scan and move your parts to different locations at your salvage yard, and to audit those parts to ensure the most accurate inventory at all times. You can generate reports to show which parts have been scanned, which were moved, who moved them, and what parts are missing from your inventory.

Real Time Barcoding - Reader

Barcoding™ is an effective means of inventory control. Use your barcode scanner to audit inventory or move parts. With Barcoding, you do not have to write locations on the tags when you put parts away; all you need to do is scan the part tag and rack location. There is no writing or manual entry necessary! You can also delete parts by scanning the part tags when purging old stock, selling to core buyers, etc. When you use the Real Time Barcoding system, all of the information is immediately and wirelessly transferred to Checkmate.

Real Time Barcoding - Scanner

You can even generate reports on the actions your staff performed so that you know who moved the parts and which location they the parts were moved to.

Real Time Barcoding - Screen

The Stargate™ module pictured below is a repeater that it uses to extend the range of the scanner beyond the base station. The range of the Stargate is the same as the base station (100 foot radius), but several units can be attached in serial to each other so the total coverage of a warehouse can be achieved. The units are attached to each other using either CAT5e/6 cable.

Real Time Barcoding - Repeater

Another option is running the scanner/base station off a laptop or netbook computer with an Internet broadband card. This gives the versatility of having access to your Checkmate system whereever you go as long as you have Internet access.

The Real Time Barcoding system saves time, increases inventorying accuracy, and reduces errors, but the traditional wired barcoders are still very effective in small warehouses or storage areas. Car-Part offers wired Barcoding systems in addition to Real Time Barcoding, and the sales rep in your area can help you determine the right type of barcoding for your salvage yard.

To learn more about Real Time Barcoding, contact the sales rep in your area.

Real Time Barcoding by is the most efficient, affordable, and powerful barcoding system available to recyclers using our Checkmate inventory management system.

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