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Car-Part Scoop Newsletter - Volume 1 - January 2008
Volume 01
January 2008

By popular demand, we are expanding the Bidmate newsletter to now give you more information about all Car-Part products! We will be sending out these newsletters periodically to keep you informed about product developments, company news, and quick tips. We hope you will find this newsletter a welcome help and information source. We look forward to providing you with information and welcome any feedback you may have. At any time, if you want to see current or past issues of the newsletter or find more information about our products, click here. Any questions or comments can be sent to

CCC Activity Reports on
These reports have been around for over 5 years. Are you using them?

Any US recycler subscribed to’s basic web service has the option to send data to CCC’s Recycled Parts Service (RPS) for use by insurance adjusters and DRP shops. If you are a contributing recycler, CCC Activity Reports have been available to you for over 5 years. They show you how RPS uses this information as it applies to your business and your region.

There are three activity reports; the first is the Recycler Report, which gives you information specific to your business. It will show you information such as the number of times RPS considered your parts in an estimate and the number of collision shops that consider your business a preferred supplier. The Recycler Report will also tell you the top vehicle models and years considered by RPS when you were a preferred supplier and had the part in stock.

The State Report shows you the top 100 models considered by RPS (and the most commonly searched years of that model). The top 100 models are also available for your local regions in the Regional Report.

All of these reports are available for one-month, three-month, or six-month periods, so you can choose the most effective way to view your information. This information is gathered from the time you begin sending your data to CCC and records are retained for one year, so if you begin to access them today you can immediately see the usage trends in your business and plan strategically. For more information on how to access these reports, contact your support representative.


Did You Know?

With Brokerage Services, you can put aftermarket parts in your inventory. This way, your customers can see these parts in your inventory when they are searching for parts online. You can automatically mark up the price of these aftermarket parts by dollar amount and/or percentage.


Internet Checkmate’s Car-Part Reports
New Checkmate07® release includes Car-Part Reports

Car-Part Reports, which are part of the Internet Checkmate management system, help users unlock the limitless potential of their business information. Detailed reports give you the critical information you need, without making you wade through irrelevant information in the process. You have the freedom to view information that is normally locked away, with just a click of the mouse. From customized sale analyses to inventory audit reports, it has never been easier or faster to view important information about your business performance.

There are many pre-built Car-Part Reports available for your convenience. These reports include the average profitability by year, date entered, purchase source or primary damage; SmartVin dismantling report; current inventory age; age of inventory sold; and sales and credits by salesperson. You can print these reports, email them, or import them into Microsoft Excel©.

Car-Part Reports also allow you to integrate customized reports created by Crystal Reports® or Microsoft Excel©. Car-Part Reports are Windows®-based and are very simple to use. These graphical reports are interactive and easy to customize, and can be emailed to others. You control the information included in the reports, and even which reports your employees can view. The user-friendly software allows users to install the software and run reports within minutes.

For more information on Internet Checkmate, please contact your Car-Part support representative.

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