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Volume 03 - Issue 01
January 18, 2010

Feature Integration

As the new releases of Checkmate® come out, you are seeing more and more data items being captured. A recent example is the Part Status field as well as expanded AUT record data to help you track vehicles for NMVTIS reporting. In order to use this information you need to not only enter it originally but also update it as it changes.

The Checkmate products suite includes Checkmate, Bidmate™, and Partmate™. Operating together, they provide an integrated solution to help you more efficiently manage all inventory aspects of your business. They are the most comprehensive set of integrated management tools available to auto recyclers.

Bidmate lets you use the historical data in your system to buy more efficiently and effectively. Partmate makes it possible for you to inventory faster, more accurately, and more completely. It also lets you easily capture the initial information you need for some of the new data fields. Using Bidmate and Partmate together offers the advantage of eliminating many steps that were previously duplicated in buying and inventorying vehicles. They add efficiency to your business and also reduce the chance of errors.

If you want to grow your business and increase your profitability, you will need to embrace technology solutions. You will find that your strongest competitors are usually recyclers who have leveraged the power of technology in their businesses to help create their competitive edge.

Bidmate and Partmate are low-cost tools that can help you move your business to the next level. But just buying them is not enough. Devote the time to learn to use their features that specifically address the issues your business faces. If you need help with that, Car-Part offers the best support team in the business to get you up to speed. Just ask.


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