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This page contains training for all our recycler software products.
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Start HereNew to Checkmate?
New to Checkmate - Part 1 (21:20)
New to Checkmate - Part 2 (39:58)
New to Checkmate - Part 3 (1:01:30)
ARA™ Standards and Part Grading Codes (hosted by ARA)
ARA™ Damage Locator Sheet (hosted by ARA)
Common Checkmate Part Codes
Checkmate Sales ProCheckmate Sales Pro
Tutorials / Videos

Introduction to Checkmate Sales Pro (5:06)
Car-Part World Tour: Sales Pro Basics Part 1 (Session Recorded April 2024) (Part 2 is not available as recording) (39:07)
Watch a Webinar On-Demand (after upgrading to 2023R1/build 94)
Find Tab
Search Orders (Search quotes, work orders, invoices, and purchase orders) (7:04)
Enhanced Part Search (1:43)
View More Recent Activity in Checkmate Sales Pro (1:06)
View AUT Images in Checkmate Sales Pro (00:52)
Restock Parts Immediately after a Return (1:54)
Viewing Pick Slip Comments (1:00)
Saved Advanced Part Search (2:23)
Researching Parts Using the Last 6 Digits of VIN (0:56)
Research Parts using the "Wildcard" Method (4:01)
Last Search Button (0:59)
Search for Parts by Stock Number (0:41)
Enhanced Customer Search (0:44)
Interchange Tab
Add, Edit, and Remove Interchange Notes (0:49)
Submitting Interchange Contributions (1:48)
Parts Tab
Set My Parts Tab as Default ("Default Tab on Search" setting) (1:53)
Print or Email Pick Slips (2:58)
Viewing Pick Slip Comments (1:00)
View/Copy Part History (1:31)
Clearing Filters (0:37)
Print Part Tags to 2 Tag Printers (2:24)
Save/Load Custom Filter Settings (2:08)
Info Columns about Part Editing History: Price Updated, Checked, Changed By, Graded Date/Time (6:41)
View a Part's Request History (0:20)
Print Part Tags/Part Tag Queue (3:23)
View AUT Information using the Vehicle Button (0:17)
Filtering Results by Stock Number (0:48)
Quotes Tab
View AUT Images in Checkmate Sales Pro (00:52)
Add and Edit Cores on Quotes (1:17)
Putting Parts on Hold (1:36)
How to Insert Logos on Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (1:37)
WO/Invoice Tab
Change Parts on Work Orders (1:20)
View AUT Images in Checkmate Sales Pro (00:52)
Print or Email Pick Slips (2:58)
Restock Parts Immediately after a Return (1:54)
Work Orders: Standard vs. Production (2:48)
How to Turn On Production Work Orders (1:35)
Truck Delivery Route on Work Order (1:28)
How to Insert Logos on Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (1:37)
(Midwest Runner/EZ Suite users only) - Select Correct Truck Name for Midwest Runner (Team PRP) (2:32)
Introduction to Demand Data (4:29)
Print Part Tags to 2 Tag Printers (2:24)
Linking one Billing to Multiple Shipping Accounts (3:42)
Restock Parts Immediately after a Return (1:54)
Viewing Pick Slip Comments (1:00)
What Does a VUC Do? (3:39)
Customer Account Comments and Notes (3:47)
How to Insert Logos on Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders (1:37)
InventoryCheckmate Inventory Pro
Checkmate WorkstationCheckmate Workstation
User Guides

There are 2 versions of the Checkmate Accounting User Guide in this section. Please click the version that matches your software. We are still in the process of slowly releasing Checkmate 2023R1 (build 94) to Checkmate users. This build is being released to recyclers one-by-one, because this build is robust and it requires more training than most updates. If you are not yet on Checkmate 2023R1 (build 94) but you would like to be, click this link to begin the process of upgrading.
Checkmate Accounting User Guide (2023R1/build 94)
Checkmate Accounting User Guide (build 92)
Emailing Statements
ReportsReports DashboardDashboard
Retro and MiscellaneousRetro & Miscellaneous

Attention   Training documents and online video training modules are free for Car-Part customers - please call 859-344-1925 or contact your sales rep directly for login information! Password-protected content is available only to Car-Part customers. If you experience difficulty viewing PDF files, download Adobe Reader here.

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