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Volume 03 - Issue 08
June 30, 2010

Jae Enterprises added to Trading Partners
New vendor now showing inventory

Jae Enterprises has recently been added as the newest participating vendor on vendors display their inventory on the Vendors button in Trading Partners™, making it quick and easy for you to purchase aftermarket parts from them.

Jae Enterprises, Inc. has been serving the automotive aftermarket since 1979. They provide painted and primed rear spoilers, stainless steel wheel simulators, fender trim, various chrome accessories, and more. Their large inventory allows them to ship most orders the same day. They ship daily from their Kentucky warehouse directly to you, or will drop ship to your customer for you. Standard shipping reaches 39 states and much of Canada within 3 days. You can contact Jae Enterprises by calling 866-206-7503 or 270-753-5467.

Searching the aftermarket inventories of Jae Enterprises and our other participating aftermarket vendors is a simple process. Start by searching for a part using your Trading Partners search from your inventory management system, iCPM, Bidmate, or Partmate. Next, look at the Vendors button at the top of the Trading Partners results page. If Jae Enterprises or any other participating vendors have the part you are looking for, a number will appear in parentheses on this button. This indicates the number of participating vendors which sell this part. Click on the Vendors button to view the vendors' names, part descriptions, and prices. You can make your sale while still on the phone or on Car-Part Messaging™ with your customer. The Vendors button feature is a standard part of's Trading Partners service. Vendor information is made available to recyclers only through the Trading Partners service and these parts are not displayed in response to parts searches performed on the public website.


Did You Know?

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