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Volume 03 - Issue 10
October 14, 2010


Reporting information on junk and salvage vehicles to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) is required by federal law. Recently, the Department of Justice sent a letter to entities required to make the required NMVTIS reporting indicating that it has increased its enforcements efforts regarding NMVTIS reporting (a copy of the letter is available at The penalties for non-compliance with the NMVTIS reporting requirements are severe (a penalty of up to $1,000 per violation). As a result, strongly encourages all auto recyclers to promptly make the required NMVTIS reporting if you haven't already done so. (NMVTIS reporting is required with respect to all junk and salvage automobiles obtained on or after March 1, 2009.) Your required NMVTIS reporting does not happen automatically through NMVTIS reporting must be made through one of the designated NMVTIS data consolidators. We have created reports to assist Checkmate and Fast Parts users in making the required NMVTIS reporting through two of the designated data consolidators (Auto Data Direct and Insurance Services Office [through the National Salvage Vehicle Reporting Program]). However, you must run the necessary reports and submit them to the data consolidator that you choose to use for NMVTIS reporting. After you have signed up with an authorized consolidator, we can help you run the Checkmate and/or Fast Parts NMVTIS report if needed. You will still be responsible for submitting the report. For more information about the NMVTIS reporting requirements, please visit or our Products website.


Did You Know?

From within a Bidmate auction, you can click the Photo button from the Vehicles Screen or the Parts Screen to view the auction's photos of a vehicle. (Photos are only available from auction sites that supply photo links to Bidmate.) You can also then save these photos to view from within Checkmate. To save a photo, right-click on it and select Save Picture As or Save Image As from the menu that appears. You can now decide where you want the image saved and what you would like to save it as.

After you have saved the image, you can link to it from within Checkmate. To learn how to do this, visit our Products website to view the Checkmate Imaging video. If you need login information, contact your support rep.


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